The Z Man sums up the 2020 elections . . .

. . . in his usual inimitable style.

The 2020 campaign promises to be Trump running around the country telling his fans about all the winning, while Warren runs around wagging her bony finger at them, telling them about how she has been wronged. It will be the cad versus the nag, largely a fight among white people about how best to go into that dark night. On the one side will be Trump nostalgic for a lost America. On the other will be Warren, haunted by an America that never was. Two characters from a soon to be forgotten past.

Neither side will have much to say about what comes after them, because they are from a generation that thought they would live forever and never grow old. The people who swore they would never trust anyone over thirty, now can’t spare a second to consider the future of those under 30. It’s going to be two perpetual adolescents throwing one final tantrum, demanding the rest of us indulge them one more time. It is the last hurrah for a generation that will buried, not praised, by those who follow.

There’s more at the link.  Recommended (and sometimes funny, and sometimes sad) reading.



  1. The "Z" man used to be a daily read for me. Though I still look in on him occasionally, I stopped reading him daily because of his incessant boomer bashing. In fairness to him, he also bashes other generations, but he seems to have a special animus towards the boomers. Oh well.

    I'll repeat here what I've said before: Generations don't "do" anything. Individuals do.

  2. I understand the Z Man's frustration with all of the politics and antics of the left. I also understand his frustration with many boomers as well. However, he needs to remember that they did help give us the most pro-freedom president since the 1920's, Ronald Reagan. It is also worth noting that the Z man is a bit wobbly himself when it comes to defending personal and, especially, economic liberty.

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