There’s a great holster sale at Simply Rugged

Those of you who follow my shooting posts will recall that I’m a big fan of Simply Rugged holsters.  They’re larger than some of their competition, but very strong, offering both ease and speed of use and also good protection to the handgun.  They offer the flexibility of either strong-side or crossdraw carry, and optional IWB straps permit both inside- and outside-the-waistband carry using the same holster.  I now own seven or eight of them, and I’ve been very happy with them.

I wanted to give you a heads-up about their ‘Christmas in July’ clearance sale.  You can pick any pre-made holster off their ‘Gear to Go‘ page, and use the coupon code ‘GTGSALE’ at checkout to take 10% off the marked price.

The sale runs until the last day of July, so you only have a couple of days.  It’s limited to those holsters listed on the ‘Gear to Go’ page, but there are a lot of them there.  You might find just what you need if you click over there and scroll down.  Recommended.  (And, no, in case any one was wondering, I’m not being compensated in any way for mentioning Simply Rugged.  I just like their products.)



  1. I have one of their Silver Dollar Pancakes for a Ruger SP101.
    One great holster, molded so it's a good, tight fit.
    My revolver is hammerless, but even so, I have no worries about retention in this holster. Good solid American leatherwork.

    – Charlie

  2. I also have a few of their holsters, a pair of Sourdoughs and Silver Dollar Pancake for a .22 magnum snub revolver. Very happy with them and they also have good customer service.

  3. I bought one – they do have good customer service and deliver quickly. I would never buy one for concealed carry as the leather is not very stiff as you would find in a higher quality holster. The straps used for inside the waistband carry are quite floppy and allow the holster to be pushed up if you are active. When used outside the waistband, the retention is not that great and the leather is noisy when you are moving (creaking etc).

    I use mine, now, for range carry and if I am going to be in a blind all day. If in a blind, I am not moving much so the creaking is not an issue and I don't have to worry much about retention. If I am going to be still hunting or moving around a lot, I don't think I would have enough faith in its retention.

    By the way, I have a very high quality gun belt, so that isn't the issue.

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