“There’s no smoke without fire” – but who’s really on fire?


Readers are doubtless familiar with the allegations against Republican congressman Matt Gaetz, who’s been accused of sex with an underage girl and other moral transgressions.  He’s denied all the accusations, and counterattacked by alleging that his accuser is (or was) trying to blackmail him for large sums of money.

In such cases, one’s tempted to disbelieve the denials, because so many people have “gone off the rails” in such matters . . . but Rep. Gaetz’s accuser has just admitted, in court and under oath, to making false allegations of sexual criminal conduct against other opponents.

Greenberg, a Florida tax collector in Seminole County, pleaded guilty this week to a series of crimes. The corporate media is reporting on his plea deal with prosecutors and the implications for firebrand Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. But there’s something else you need to know, and the media don’t seem keen to tell people.

Greenberg is the only person making accusations about Rep. Gaetz right now – two months in – and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest his animosity is driven by Gaetz’s refusal to get involved in Greenberg’s demands for a pardon from President Trump.

But take a look at Count Twenty-Four in Greenberg’s deal. It’s stunning, and it goes right to the heart of the allegations being made – mostly on the far-left Daily Beast website – about Rep. Gaetz.

Count Twenty-Four, which Greenberg has pleaded guilty to, establishes that Greenberg is a malicious and habitual liar who uses web publications to make false, criminal allegations about his political adversaries.

. . .

Perhaps one of the most concerning parts of Greenberg’s plea deal is that it promises him leniency if he provides information that leads to the arrest of another individual, which Biden Department of Justice prosecutors are desperate to make Rep. Gaetz.

But their whole case will rely on the stories of a man who has already pleaded guilty to making almost the exact same false allegations about others.

There’s more at the link.

Might the (clearly and demonstrably partisan) Department of Justice, under the Biden administration, be trying to discredit one of President Trump’s most outspoken supporters, purely for partisan political reasons?  Would that be the reason for the plea deal his accuser has been offered?  Surely not?  Perish the thought!

Yeah, right . . .

Given the revelations about his accuser, it certainly looks as if Rep. Gaetz’s vehement denials are more believable than most in such situations.  If this is, indeed, proven to be a partisan political sting operation by the Department of Justice, heads should roll – but we all know that bureaucrats try to protect their own.  Let’s see what happens.



  1. The Clintons showed the Dems the way. If you're sufficiently brazen, you can get away with anything and everything. As long as you're a good, card-carrying Leftist-Democrat party player.

    Law is a tool to use against your enemies. Obeying the rules and playing fair is for suckers.

  2. Scandal against a Republican – so much falsehood that any real improprieties will be insignificant, but will be pushed and punished to way past the extent of the Law.

    Scandal against a Democrat – just scratching the surface but Media and Law Enforcement will look the other way so hard their collective spines will fuse backwards.

  3. Two thoughts:

    1- Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Let’s investigate and if there is something deal with it. If there isn’t well that’s fine too, all the better in fact.

    2- It is interesting to me that the hardcore “Q” type Republicans who are all about protecting children from imaginary threats can’t be bothered to care that one of their own is (accused with some notable evidence of) paying money to his dirtbag buddy to rape children. Their hypocrisy is showing.

  4. Ryan. If there is "notable evidence" then, perhaps, you can enlighten us all with your superior intellect by posting references to said "evidence".
    However, I suspect that your claim is close akin to the spurious contents of the MSM, who regularly allege that anyone who opposes the leftist agenda of the current administration is a "racist". Usually backed up by anonymous sources which turn out to be non-existent.
    As facts and evidence, unless conjured up by the leftist MSM, are like mist on the bayous of our southern states, they disappear with the rising of the sun. No solidity to them at all.
    Waiting for your citing of the sources you utilized to make your comment.

  5. Deja Vu!

    The accusations against Rep. Gaetz seem to have no facts behind them. All innuendo and the walls are closing in on him!

    Reminds me of all the smears against Trump – the Russian Collusion is a classic. Huge amount of accusations in the press, without facts, that even resulted in an independent counsel investigation and later an impeachment.

    And similar to the rape accusations against Kavanaugh.

    Mark Judge wrote a good review of a book, Spooked: The Trump Dossier, Black Cube and the Rise of Private Spies by Barry Meier, that talked about how the press has gotten to this point:

    This reminds me of the “me to” scandals. Once they started hitting Democrats, such as Governor Cuomo, there is a demand for due process and facts.

  6. Ryan, don't you ever get tired of obfuscating around the issue? We're talking about a very specific issue with a very specific accusation against one man by a very specific accuser – who's now discredited himself fairly comprehensively, by any objective standard. Why drag in everything else but the kitchen sink? Let's deal with the issue at hand.

    This is, of course, typical left-wing progressive behavior. Obfuscate the issue by bringing in every extraneous factor you can imagine, in the hope that people will get so bogged down in the morass that they'll give up.

    It won't happen on this blog.

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