There’s a way around almost anything, if you try hard enough . . .

I was amused at the lengths (literally) to which some people will go to get – or sell – a drink.

On April 1st, India’s Supreme Court issued an order that bars, pubs and liquor shops across the country should be at least 500m away from state and national highways. The new rule hit business owners hard, and many of them have had to shut down their operations in the last two weeks. But one resourceful bar owner in Kerala appears to have come up with an effective, albeit unconventional, way of bypassing the requirement – by turning the entrance to his venue into a long, winding maze.

The Aishwarya Bar in North Paravoor, a suburb of Kochi, was forced to close down temporarily when the court ruling came into effect, but instead of complaining about it, the owner came up with an idea that would allow him to reopen the bar and operate legally. He hired some workers and spent three days putting up a series of concrete blocks that essentially turned the previously straight walkway leading up to the entrance into a maze. Now, the walking distance from the highway to his bar is 520 meters, so he is technically allowed to sell alcohol.

. . .

Excise officials have already admitted that the solution is acceptable, since commissioners measure walking distance, not aerial distance, so the bar is now in the clear.

“We do not measure the aerial distance but only the walking distance. However, they will be fined for altering the entrance,” a Vijayan IPS additional excise commissioner said.

There’s more at the link, including photographs.

(And no, despite the date of the court ruling, this isn’t an April Fool story!)



  1. "Fined for altering the entrance"….

    Kinda says it all.

    He probably didn't get a "proper" building permit, which I'm sure would have been denied on the basis of "fire safety" or some such decision…

  2. It's like California. Every time they pass new gun control laws, companies quickly produce products that make the laws pointless.

  3. I once worked at a company that decided pictures on walls must be framed.
    I took one of the manila internal mailers, cut it into 1" strips and used a magic marker to draw curlicues. Taped these strips around my pictures.

    Someone complained and the company investigated.
    And the company blessed it (to my surprise):
    "Frame" is not defined, therefore, thou art in compliance"

    Have a Happy Easter

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