These guys are insane!

I’ve posted clips of wingsuit jumpers before, but these guys are the most extreme of the breed that I’ve yet come across. How they’ve (so far) avoided smearing themselves across the landscape like strawberry jam, I just don’t know!

To each his own, I guess: but if I’m flying, I want to be a lot further away from the ground, thank you very much – and in an aircraft cabin!



  1. I'm sure it's an awesome feeling, but yeah a bit further from the ground for me please.

    For now I'll be content going other places man needs equipment to survive in(underwater).

  2. That's not flying, that's falling with style!

    And while it looks like a hoot and a half, I've discovered my mortality, so I'll just watch.

  3. I wonder how much they can vary the glide slope? It does not look like much, so they must have a very good idea of the glide angle along the chosen flight path.

  4. OK. put me in an aircraft and we can roll and loop all day. BUT, I won't get on a roller coaster — thrill rides are not for me.

    I watched this one in full screen (maybe a mistake!) and went from gonads cinching up to "Wow, that's beautiful!" and back again. Several times.

    But no matter what, I definitely want a lot more ground clearance, even during the "Wow…" moments!

  5. Dear sweet Jesus and his eight tiny reindeer! Stop posting for a while and spend more time with your wife!
    We'll forgive you, for a while.

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