“These people hate… absolutely ****ing HATE… the unvaccinated”


That’s the conclusion of Bitter Centurion, a Canadian blogger who’s found himself kicked out of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) up there because he refused to accept COVID-19 vaccination.

Speaking of two former RCMP colleagues who are going public with their own resistance, he has some interesting things to say.  In my opinion, he exaggerates to a considerable extent, but that’s what it is – opinion.  Neither of us can be sure, but both of us see enough to be highly concerned.  He sees enough from his perspective to convince him, and I have to admit, he makes strong points.  I submit his observations can be directly applied to the USA as well.

At this point, it’s becoming glaringly obvious to anyone with a functional brain cell that the reactions by the state and media towards the unvaccinated are ONLY about punishment and hurting people who didn’t comply, and less to do with protecting anyone.

. . .

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, these two are more than a bit behind the curve.

They are making some very dangerous assumptions, one of which being that there’s anything left to save in our ‘democracy’ and the status quo.  With the socio-political schisms that were already present (but maybe not apparent to many) in western society even prior to the scam-demic thanks to those miserable Marxist assholes pushing their ‘woke’ bull****, I’d say we were already on the fast train to Hell.  People were already at daggers drawn, waiting for an excuse to have a go at each other. This is exactly why the pandemic issue became so easily politicized.

Which brings me to the second dangerous assumption these two made, which is that they’re assuming that the hardcore pro-vaxx acolytes, fuelled by the likes of PM Blackface, are actually interested in having any kind of meaningful dialogue with the ‘unclean’, even in spite of this entire narrative falling apart faster than a motorcycle made of the finest grade of Chinesium.

Here’s the thing, gents: they’re not.  These people hate… absolutely ****ing HATE… the unvaccinated.  They want them to starve.  They want them in camps.  They want them dead.  They don’t have the balls to do it themselves, of course, but they certainly aren’t interested in hearing a ***damn thing people like them or I might have to say.

Don’t believe me?  Try talking sense into one of these stupid mother****ers.  Like one of those idiots out there you see, who wears a mask AND face shield when they’re alone in their car.  Walk inside a building with one of them and not wear a mask, or better yet, get within the arbitrary and un-scientifically proven ‘2 meters’ of these people and watch the magic unfold.  Social media is littered with this sort of stuff too, if you want to save yourself the grief.

These people, for all intents and purposes, have been radicalized, no different than any other religious or ideological fanatic.  One might make the suggestion that those PsyOps the Canadian Forces were waging on the public in the last year (reference my previous blog post) might have been leading to this very thing and that suggestion might not be too far out in left field.

. . .

Canada is far more likely to share the same fate as the Balkan conflicts of the 90’s because if/when things get bad, there will likely be instability that will lead it to become a failed state, very much like the former Yugoslavia.

Are they going to throw us in camps or force vaccinate us?  Like I said before, I highly doubt it.  But if the economy crashes or we wind up with a massive supply chain crisis, resulting in food and essential supply shortages, both scenarios being highly likely, camps and forced vaccinations might well be the least of our worries.  I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility to see desperate people resorting to some really crazy **** in the course of dealing with the people they’re convinced are the cause of all their woes – this being the ‘unclean’, of course.  THAT is the ****ing ‘Boogaloo’, not a bunch of unarmed morons walking into the House of Representatives, getting a guided tour by the Capitol Police, and maybe breaking a few windows.

For **** sakes, two years ago these stupid *******s were having Battle Royales over ****ing toilet paper in Walmart.  This is the extent of the imagination and intellect, not to mention a glimpse into the window of savagery, of a radicalized mainstream public that’s scared and desperate beyond the point of mania.  2020 should have been a shot across the bow for many people out there, after seeing the extent of the mass hysteria society experienced.  This next bout of fun and games… well, it ain’t gonna be pretty. We’ll see who was taking notes and studied for the final exam.

There’s more at the link.

I have to say that the reaction of Prime Minister Trudeau and his government to the massive truck convoy (described as “likely the world’s largest vehicle convoy in history“) heading for Ottawa to protest Canadian anti-COVID policies is very much along the lines Bitter Centurion describes.  They simply don’t care about the truckers’ point of view, and absolutely refuse to take them seriously.  They’re determined to inflict their point of view upon the Canadian nation, and they’re treating any opposition to their policies as almost high treason.

We’re seeing growing opposition to similar policies here in the USA, and an equal determination on the part of Democratic Party representatives, senators and operatives to ignore such opposition and continue to ram through their failed policies at any cost.  They’re doubling down on failure.  Will they wake up before it’s too late? – or will we have to get rid of them the hard way?  They may not accept defeat at the polls.  The cheating which led to their takeover of national power in 2020 was unprecedented in its scope, but there’s nothing to stop them trying the same shenanigans again – and that will simply not be accepted by at least half the nation.  It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’s getting perilously close.

I daresay we’ll soon see whether Bitter Centurion’s forecasts for Canada are equally applicable to the USA.  I hope he’s wrong.  I fear he may be right.  In case he is, remember Luke 11:21 and Luke 22:36, and apply them to protecting your family and loved ones.  There may be nobody else willing and/or able to do so, whether they’re sworn to “protect and serve” or not.



  1. Look at the CDC data, All cause deaths in the 25-45 age range (very resistant to COVID) in 2020 up 20%, Enter the vax in 2021 and deaths are up ANOTHER 20%. You are injecting yourself with COVID in addition to whatever else is in there. We do not know the long term effects be we know at this point myocarditis is at least one of them. The military has seen miscarriages up 300%. COVID is serious, look at that age range and percentage in 2020 again, and it is subtle. But injecting yourself with it is just Stupid.

    My mother (in her 80's and a former nurse) believes the government has her best interest at heart, that there is no difference between the COVID injection and the flu vaccine and that a new flue shows up every 6 months so it is normal for her to need a booster every 6 months. None of the alternate facts will change her mind. My brother got vaccinated and got Bell's Palsy, just a coincidence. No one knows why it happens.

    I could go on, but if the theories on ADE or other long-term impacts hold true we are just leaving the station on our way to the train wreck.

    Stand firm you unvaccinated deplorables.

  2. X, take a look at another CDC data point…
    Two days ago they STOPPED all Monoclonal Antibody treatments…
    If ANYONE was still laboring under the fantasy that the blunders,Lies, abuse, Dictatorial overreach, and suspension of Constitutional Rights by TPTB were simply honest mistakes by people who mean well…

    Here is your Official WAKE UP CALL for all who still slumber…

    "They want YOU DEAD"

    End of RANT

    I now return you to your regular 24/7 Fear Porn MSM…

    MSG Grumpy

  3. At least when America's Hat implodes and they start trying to get to America, we can't be called racist for trying to close *that* border. And they'll probably try harder, since the people coming over won't sit quietly in servitude like the ones that come over the Southern border, nor will they be likely to vote for the Democrats.

  4. Peter, I've been reading your blog since before you moved to Tennessee. You seem to be a stoic, realist, man of God, with a strong background in combat and a close-up taste of how bad things can really get.
    Your eyes are not blind to the truth of how badly man can treat man.

    And Then I read your reactions to Bitter Centurion. He is not just correct, he does not go far enough with his forecast. Many (not all, but many)of those who are pushing the Vaxx and everything that comes with it are Evil. Not Mis-guided. Not Mistaken. Not even just plain ole wrong. They are Evil. They Like being Evil. They like the Power. They like the Earthly Riches. They really like telling others what to do, and forcing them to obey. That is a great power, one that can even be stronger than our animal instincts.
    That is what they get from being Evil.

    AS he says, They want us Dead! Of course, many of them cannot do that for themselves. But, they have the Power to both 'tell' and 'force' other what to do. And many of those others will do what they are told and what they are forced to do.
    As you well know, over half the people will "Go Along, to Get Along". We've both done it ourselves, for things we objected to, but were not big enough for us to raise a fuss over. Whatever silly, bureaucratic foolishness it was, we wanted the "thing" more than standing on our principals. So, we went along. We have to. Society cannot function if we don't 'Go Along', at least on most things.
    So, you and I and everyone else, are now conditioned to "Go Along". Then comes this Vaxx scandal. Ans most, will go along. That is all they've ever known. And "Most", includes LEO's, the Dot.mil, and most of our leadership, who worship at the alter of Conformity and Obedience.
    Now we are in the Time of Choosing. The sides are already forming. There will be no Fence Sitting. Sooner (or later) all will have to choose.

    Our so-called "Better's" have decided that "Now is the time, and this is the Place". This is the Hill they want to die on. And they will take as many of us with them as they can.
    Is this the Revelation spoken of in the Bible? I have no idea. I think Not. But, Evil Men can cause plenty of Death and Destruction, without it triggering the Final Apocalypse.
    That is what I believe is happening.
    Pray Your Rosary.
    Watch over your Family.
    Be Aware of What is going on in the World.

    Do Your Best.

  5. Governments have ALWAYS been ruled over by "power-and-control" junkies posing as "servants of the populace", megalomaniacs making rules and laws either for their own "causes" or as favors they owe to certain factions
    …combined with harsh penalties for anyone suspected of or proven to have committed any kind of act considered a form of "heresy"—whatever "defies" the current cultural agendas.
    All governments, past and present, have essentially been somewhat semi-totalitarian in nature (the "free" countries simply being the ones with the least amount of oppression and restrictions)

  6. TNX. posted the link (with my comments/rant) on FB. This is far too good to keep just within a closed community. (And if FB puts me in the penalty box again for 90 days, so?)

  7. Don't forget that Canada almost fell apart 30 years ago when Quebec almost seceded.
    Given my experience with it, I'm surprised one of the provinces hasn't tried again since then. It is much further along the falling timeline than the US is.

  8. Both of my in-laws have had health issues since being vaxxed. FIL is seeing bloodwork that shows possible cancer- but nothing definitive yet. MIL suddenly has pulmonary fibrosis. My sister-in-law, who was blaming the unvaxxed for the Delta strain filling up the hospital she worked at, came down with a nasty case of Covid that hit her HARD.

    NOW they’re finally willing to listen to those of us that cautioned against the vaccines.

  9. Xoph. "Look at the CDC data, All cause deaths in the 25-45 age range (very resistant to COVID) in 2020 up 20%,'
    I'm damned if I can find that data.
    Can you show a direct link, please?

  10. Google cdc weekly counts of death by age and jurisdiction. Sorry on road and limited to phone. Careful they have lots of COVID data. You will need all cause

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