“They will not stop until they are stopped”


“Nikolai Vladivostok” blogs at Sovietmen.  He often has trenchant observations about the totalitarian tendencies manifesting themselves in Western society.  Yesterday’s article titled “The Corruption of Power” was no exception.  Here’s an excerpt.

And so we come to the Little Emperors of the 2020s. The politicians, bureaucrats and medical experts whose authority used to be tightly bound by strict accountability, but which now has been unleashed beyond their wildest dreams by public terror.

A leader in the West never before could have locked down a whole country. Even during the Spanish Flu it rarely happened. Restrictions on travel like those at the present were never previously imagined. And there are the facemasks, of course.

If the medico-honcho says it should happen, the pollies make it happen. Resistance has been minimal and our overlords have noticed.

It’s important to emphasize the lack of accountability. Where lockdowns or other mandates proved less effective than they were cracked up to be, have any leaders been held responsible? What about the ever-shifting criteria for imposing and ending lockdowns? What research is being done into the side effects of lockdowns and who will be punished if these turn out to be worse than the disease?

With protests (for some causes) banned due to social distancing, our rulers need not even fear the most basic blowback normally expected in a free society: the disaffected yelling about it. In Victoria, for example, the Premier has instead felt the touch of kingship as he watches illegal protesters get muzzled and dragged away by police.

In the US, total domination by the Democrat/MSM/MegaGloboCorp/Cuckservative axis has had a similar impact. Freed from all restraint, ruling overlords are censoring enemies on major platforms and colluding to destroy minor platforms that dare defy them. They’ve done this sort of thing for a long time but now they have no self control. Watch them screech in delight as they ban dissidents from planes, close their bank accounts and banish them from the internet. Even minnows making tiny donations to Emmanuel Goldstein are exposed and harassed.

Again, this has been done without accountability. The old balance of powers is way out of whack – individual agencies like the TSA can make arbitrary rulings so long as they are supported by the oligarchs, and courts dare not declare anything unconstitutional if it comes from these rulers. With Trump gone, the last potential opposition to the Uniparty has been vanquished and America’s elites, liberated from the scrutiny of commoners, are free to bicker amongst themselves about trivialities as they muscle for rank.

That there is confusion about why tyranny is taking hold shows how long it has been since the West has permitted anyone to access unfettered power. Some, including myself, suspected it might be populism. Others like Steve Sailer are always trying to uncover the hidden profit motive.

These might be involved but in a situation like this, understanding the primary motive is very simple.

Why does a heroin addict burgle his own parents’ house? Put aside Freudian and Marxist theories. He is doing it because he wants money for drugs. Everything an addict does is to score. That is the meaning of addiction.

So, too, with addiction to power. As we see from history, once tasted, few can resist the impulse to preserve their power, to use it in ever new and extreme ways, and to constantly expand their despotism.

Remember: in previous cases, those drunk on power have been willing to kill millions upon millions in order to secure their position. They have murdered their closest friends and family members upon the slightest paranoia. As with heroin, the person suffering the addiction begins to disappear as the power motive completely takes over every thought and action. In the end, only the power-madness is left.

And here you are patiently waiting for lockdowns to end. After we’ve flattened the curve, expanded contract tracing, immunized everyone, sorted out vaccine passports, given booster shots or whatever the goalpost is this week, there’ll be some new problem requiring us to extend or resume lockdowns, just like Stalin could always find new traitors needing a good purge.

Our overlords will never give up their power voluntarily. They will always discover a disaster to justify restrictions even more tyrannical than those that came before.

They will not stop until they are stopped.

There’s more at the link.

I’ve said it before:  There is no voting our way out of this.  Those who stole power through electoral fraud in November 2020 have no intention of ever giving it up.  It’s pointless to think we can vote them out of office, because they’re going to make damned sure to undermine any and all future elections as well.

They will never voluntarily surrender what they’ve stolen.  We’re going to have to take it away from them.

Whether we can do that peacefully, or whether we’ll have to do so more kinetically than that, is currently unknown.  I hope and pray for the former.  I fear the latter may by now be unavoidable.  I’ve seen that at work in the past, and it’s the last thing I want to see again . . . but in general, thieves don’t give up their ill-gotten gains unless they’re forced to do so.

I hate to say it, but I daresay the author above has it right.  They will not stop until they are stopped.  And stopping them is up to us, because no-one else is going to do our dirty work for us.  We were over-complacent, and allowed them to get away with it in November 2020.  Nobody else is going to undo our mistake except ourselves.



  1. If we do not make "voting our way out of this" the only acceptable option to resolving the present political/social dilemma we face, we cooperate in destroying the country we ostensibly want to save. Maybe we will succeed in re-creating the US of A in some post-apocalyptic aftermath, but isn't keeping the existing one far more likely of success?

    Lets have a conversation about how we might go about doing that instead of how we might become the last to die in failure?

  2. I'm a 10% solution guy, fix the Republican leadership and there is a 10% chance we can get through this cultural shift and out the other side.

    But the US had a civil war with far less cultural drift than we have today.

    With 50 Million Immigrants we don't even have a common history.

    What we need to do is work that 10% prepare for the worst (i.e war to the knife, knife to the hilt) and as a third option find a way to peacefully lawfully dissolve this union.

  3. Paradigm shifts are extremely hard to navigate for those that are used to the old one. In 1929, those who could not envision a way forward, took themselves out.

    The paradigm we have now: votes don't matter. So trustworthy voting is old paradigm. All that remains is to decide where your line is. I trust that my state will continue to flex it's independence. And we can work to strengthen what exists. My line still has not been crossed. But I have spent months to identify it.

    Maybe we are seeing the resurgence of Pre-1860's states rights.
    Maybe we are seeing the resurgence of King George and his court.
    Maybe we are seeing the balkanization of the USA
    Maybe we are seeing the death rattle of our nation

    All I know is a wounded dog will thrash and attack, even the one who comes to rescue. And there a lot of thrashing and attacking going on… all over….

    birth pangs….

  4. No one is going to stop it, because too many have become acolytes of the powers doing it all. Hell, people in Europe, North America, and parts of Asia have fallen so under the thrall that they have even quit breeding – the basic biological drive of all living things has been suppressed.

    Enjoy the war; the peace will be terrible.

  5. @Will Brown – The point just Whoooshed over your head. As long as the Dominion Voting machines count the vote, it'll be 48% Trump, 52% Biden, fill your own contest names in here. Add in the trucks of "mail in voting" votes, and Bayourenaissanceman is right. It is impossible to vote our way out of this mess. Or as Stalin said, "It doesn't matter how people vote, it only matters who counts the votes." And with the Soros Judiciary, voting fraud won't be allowed to go thru the courts. Checkmate.

    The Uniparty in power feels that they have control of the country, and while they might let a controlled RINO into office to make the peasants feel good, they don't have any intent of allowing an outsider in to challenge their power. Note how both the DC Democrats & Republicans – Uniparty – united to take down President Trump by any means possible, and still fight against him even though he isn't in office.

    To expand on that, Bayurenaissanceman has been posting how a country goes over a cliff, and I'm now seeing now what the Germans must have seen in 1939. It's failing/falling and we can't do anything within the bounds of civil activities to save it.

  6. There are more than 535 lampposts in the District of Columbia. And they can be re-used, multiple times. (Got to be 100 times more beurocrats than politicians, all deserving to dance that jig….)

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