They’re trying to destroy Barr because they’re desperate about FISAgate

Looking at all the negativity from the Democratic Party towards Attorney-General William Barr, one would think that he was the epitomy of dishonesty and the arch-enemy of democracy.  Of course, that’s not even remotely true.  Conveniently ignored are his decades of public service (including many years working alongside Robert Mueller, in case anyone’s forgotten that), and his sterling reputation for honest, upright conduct all those years.

No, the real reason for the desperate attacks on Barr are because the Democratic Party knows very well what’s coming down the pike at them right now.  The investigations into the abuse of the FISA Court process are almost complete – and what’s already emerging is explosive, to say the least.  The lead justice of the FISA court has already ruled that false or misleading testimony was given to the court by Justice Department officials in order to get surveillance warrants.  That’s no longer in doubt.  Those officials are now going to be called to account – and, in doing so, the entire foundation of the Mueller investigation will be exposed for the fraud it’s always been.  Some of those officials are likely to face lengthy jail sentences.  What’s more, they didn’t act alone or out of self-interest.  They acted to further the aims and objectives of the Obama administration, which is certain to be dragged into the spotlight.

Former US Attorney (i.e. a “chief federal prosecutor”) Joe diGenova fills in the blanks.

That’s why the Democratic Party is so desperately attacking Bob Barr.  They know he’s the sort of man who will follow where the trail leads, without fear or favor, and will prosecute offenses as and when they come to light.  They want anyone but such a man in that position.

Oh – and while all that’s going on, don’t forget that Utah US Attorney John W. Huber has been leading an internal Justice Department investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton investigation, and whether the FBI overstepped the mark in its investigation of the Trump campaign.  This is completely independent of the FISA investigation.  No-one’s hearing much from him – or anyone else – about what he’s uncovered, or where his investigations are leading.  I’m pretty sure, however, that if the FISA investigation reveals a lot of smoke, the fires underneath that smoke will be uncovered by Mr. Huber.

This year might be a pass-the-popcorn, glued-to-your-seat sort of ongoing revelation of official malfeasance and misconduct.  Nothing could be done until the Mueller Report was out – but now that it is out, it clears the way for many other investigations to proceed.

Food for thought, isn’t it?



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