Things to keep in mind before tomorrow’s Presidential inauguration


As we prepare to inaugurate a President who was not freely and fairly elected, but has come to his office through electoral fraud, let’s keep three very important things in mind.  They’ll be vital considerations as the new Administration takes over.

1.  The mainstream news media and social media cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

The news media lied to us constantly throughout the Trump presidency.  Their lies became a frenzied cacophony during the election campaign, and they have consistently refused to examine the (abundant) evidence of electoral fraud that should have disqualified Joe Biden from being declared the winner.  They will continue to lie to the American people in pursuit of the progressive left-wing agenda that is about to be unleashed upon us.  The news media are simply not to be trusted.

The same applies to major social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  They openly chose sides over the past few years, and were effectively an extension of the Democratic Party during the election campaign.  They are now censoring any opposing voices.  Let us give them no credence whatsoever.  They don’t deserve any.

2.  Expect fabricated incidents that will be used as tools to stir up public opinion and provide pretexts for new restrictions on our freedom.

I fully expect that something may happen during tomorrow’s inauguration, perhaps a fake “attack” on Joe Biden or his entourage, or some sort of “terrorist” incident (whether in or around Washington, D.C., or elsewhere), or anything else you can imagine.  Without solid, incontrovertible evidence, I will not believe that such incidents are genuine.  Instead, I think they’ll be manufactured by the progressive left as pretexts to further their agenda.  I won’t be surprised to see one or more shooting incidents in the next few days and weeks, designed to whip up public opinion in favor of “assault weapon bans” and the like.  The left knows how to lie, and how to manufacture evidence to support their perspective.  They’re experts at it.  (If you doubt that, consider the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” brouhaha of recent years, which was all a lie from start to finish, based on fabricated evidence.)  We can, and should, expect them to redouble their efforts along those lines.

3.  There are millions upon millions of ordinary Americans who know full well that the Biden administration will be illegitimate.  Let us stand together to oppose it.

The left’s approach will be to “divide and rule”:  set Americans against each other, and then preside over the chaos, using it to impose their agenda upon us.  Instead, let’s remember that they only represent half the country.  We represent the other half.  We have at least as much determination and commitment as they do, and we should use that to work together and resist attempts to lever us apart.  Infighting and squabbling do the enemy’s work for them.  Whenever we see attempts to say that this or that group are the only true conservatives, or believers, or whatever, and all others are fakers – don’t you believe it!  We all have our part to play, and we should support each other as far as possible.  In unity there is strength.  The progressive left has already learned that lesson, and they’re marching in lockstep to impose their will on us.  The only way we’ll stop them is to offer a united front against their onslaught, a “shield wall” of unity and mutual support.  Furthermore, remember that the best form of defense is attack.  Don’t just put up with their propaganda onslaught against us.  Give back as good as you’re getting!

There you are, friends.  What say you?  Do you have any other cogent thoughts as we are on the brink of installing an illegitimate Administration, with the full knowledge, connivance and complicity of most of our politicians, Republican as well as Democrat?  If so, please share them in Comments.



  1. It’s hard to put up a united front with people like the traitorous ten the house and the Georgia governor and secretary of state who stabbed us in the back. Do I have more in common with them than I do say with Schumer? I have to do some soul-searching on that.

  2. @Kimberwarrior45: It doesn't, in this case. A government that has been put in place by open electoral fraud is hardly "God’s minister to you for good", is it?

  3. Hey Peter;

    The name of the game is to bid our time and wait and be patient, Sun-Tzu believed in the principle of deception and feints and that we will pretend to be weak and study for weakness in our opponent then once we have studied our opponent, then we will remind them that we are not weak like they believed we were. The Donks will overreach as they tend to do when they believe that they have absolute power and they will pay the price in the next election and all elections are local and if the donks get their clocks cleaned and they lose the house and senate then we can check Joe and the Hoe because I remember Obungler had a hell of a time getting anything through after Obunglercare because that circus so inflamed the populace and that resulting drama bit them in the ass in the 2010 and the 2014 mid terms elections and he was pretty much stonewalled despite a fawning media covering for him. We will have to use the same playbook here and play the long game.

  4. I think you are making too much of this. So a pandemic that kills .02 percent of the population was released in an election year. President Trump shuts down flights from Wuhan and is called a racist. Congress passes a resolution condemning his actions.

    The world is shut down. Oil goes to 10 bucks a barrel. Oil to be delivered drops to -40 dollars per barrel in one settlement period.

    Vaccines that violate the Nuremburg requirement that ALL VACCINES MUST BE TESTED ON ANIMALS FIRST are released upon the world…these vaccines are developed in less than 1 YEAR with complete liability protection for the drug companies involved.

    These vaccines are released just days after the first nationalist US President in 50 years is defeated in a contested election…an election where more votes were registered than registered voters.

    The narrative is changing as we speak to validate the understanding that masks do nothing to prevent transmission of this virus AND lockdowns are doing more harm than good. Chicago and New York mayors are getting on board with reopening.

    An entire summer was spent watching cities burn and hundreds of people injured…dozens killed…however, in Washington City, one person was murdered by a government agent…the person shot was standing beside not one but 3 armed government agents…the Capitol police were undermanned for an event consisting of half a million people of all walks of life but advertised as an election protest of severe right wingers…and then the same Capitol police removed barricades and allowed the protesters to enter the spider's web.

    Private companies are rampaging over civil liberties. Monopolies are treated with kid gloves.

    A President-elect claims not to trust the National Guard.
    A Vice-President-elect raised bail money for violent criminals.

    NO unarmed blacks have been killed by police since the election…

    Can you find a silver lining? My friend said of his son, "Do not discuss politics with him…he is lost to us"…so I talked to the son anyway.

    A week ago the son said to me, "I tried to see the world the way I wanted to see it…but now I see it as it is".

    It is happening everywhere.

  5. I'm so releaved my parents are not here to see this. Tomorrow I may fly our wonderful flag upside down, but I may have to burn it–

  6. Just… trust no one. Not friends. Not family. Not co-workers. No one.

    We have entered National Socialism with a strong dose of East German communism.

    Stassi are everywhere. Everyone is a rat.

    And there is no place to escape to. We were the last hope.

    1. Sorry, but God is going to set back and see what we do. Not his job to rescue us from what we created.


  7. Peter-For over 50 years many people and those in power have worked to remove God from anything the government was involved in and He being the gentleman stepped aside allowing them to their own devices. We are seeing the fruits now of this. There are still men in this country who follow what is in the Bible and can see the the evil. When can we start protecting ours from this evil putting, what we know it truth from God, back to it's rightful place?

  8. Peter, in assigning blame for the theft of our Presidency and Senatorial offices in Georgia, don't forget the Justice Department and the US Supreme Court, in particular Chief Justice John Roberts who in my humble opinion is the biggest slime ball to ever sit in the Chief Justice chair. Thanks George Bush!!!!

    You should know Peter, for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled, the US can't remain the Worlds Super Power. we are there!!

  9. I'll do what I can. My flag flies proudly outside my office hut (as it has every day for the last 4+ years). Across the street and all around my town you still see Trump signs and flags – and never did I see a single Biden sign. Regardless, I will be volunteering to work the polls this year and every year after. I will work my way up as far as I can in order to ensure that MY vote, and the votes of my neighbors, at least, are counted accurately.

    I will raise my daughter to know and understand the foundations of this country, and to identify herself, as I do, as a Usaian.

  10. A groundswell movement at the state level for an election process less open to manipulation would be a good start. Demand that your state legislatures carry a bill to
    1. close voting at 8 PM on election day.
    2. Absentee ballots must be requested, NEVER sent out in bulk mail.
    3. Ballot harvesting is severely curtailed, limiting the possession to no more than, say, 2 completed ballots.
    4. Any electronic devices used to tabulate ballots MUST be sequestered for a minimum of 30 days following an election to provide for a supervised forensic examination by a reputable 3rd party should such an examination be required.

    Some states have a provision for a runoff vote in races involving multiple candidates. In these cases, all voting devices used in ta runoff MUST be electronically copied and/or forensically examined before being employed in the second balloting event.

    5. Vote total tallies must be reported hourly as they are recorded from the precinct level up. Absentee ballot counting will begin at 7 AM on election day and continue until all are counted. Received absentee ballot totals will be reported at 7 AM on election day, and any received during election day will be reported separately. NO absentee ballots arriving after 8 PM on election day will be counted.

    This should at least make fraud at least somewhat more difficult. Your legislator may complain about the increased workload imposed on election workers, but you can point out that overworked government workers every other year beats peasants with pitchforks and torches outside his or her office.

  11. @Billll – I'd like to tweak that a tad, based on how absentee ballots were handled when I was working the polls in PA back in the late 80's.

    Absentee ballots are sent to the polling place of record for the person voting. This accomplishes a few things:
    1) If Joe decides he wants to change his vote, he can go to the polling place and have his Absentee ballot invalidated, then cast a new vote.
    B) If Bob goes to vote and learns that a vote has already been recorded for him, that fraudulent ballot can be pulled and invalidated, and Bob can cast a real vote.
    III) Absentee ballots are counted with everyone else's ballots, but at the end of the night. Ballots are counted at the polling place, and vote totals posted prior to the ballots being packed up and delivered to the county for re-counts.

    I'm fine with polls staying open until the last person who was in line at 7 PM has voted, but that person is escorted by someone who will (a) certify that he/she was in fact the last person in line at 7 PM, and (b) no one was allowed to get in line ahead of him/her. Penalty for lying is a hefty fine and jail time.

  12. YMMV of course, everywhere is different and there is not enough room for a one size fits all. I have repeated my post on my blog, with some tweaks as they occurred to me and I'll probably tweak it a bit more before sending it to my Rep and Sen for their consideration. Colorado being fully corrupted, there was no need to tweak the results here but some of that may have happened anyway in some high volume counties to make sure no federal candidates lost their jobs.

    Art Of The Deal: Flood the reps with mail, and ask for the sun, the moon, and the stars. Complain bitterly about anything you don't get, and ask for all that plus reparations in the next legislative session. Accusations of racism are always in order, and letters to the local paper invoking racism, sexism, or anything else-ism are far more likely to get published than any legitimate complaint.

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