This is a must-see if you value your privacy

This Vice report looks at how China is using facial recognition technology to track every one of its citizens.  However, if you think that same technology isn’t being deployed right here in America, right now, you’re ill-informed.  I know it is.  I have enough contact with former law enforcement colleagues to be sure of that.

To understand this technology’s near-terminal threat to your privacy, watch this 13-minute video clip.

And here we thought that Big Brother was just a fictional trope . . . instead of a reality.



  1. Facial Rec has been in use since before 9-11, thanks to the first WTC bombings in 93.

    But we're not allowed to sort and target a small segment that actually threatens us, because that's badthink.

  2. That is the story of America in 2020 Beans, the people who keep this country functioning are accused of being our biggest problem and the people dragging us down are above reproach.

  3. Tie that in to the "Smart home" appliances which you posted a few days ago, and you have a real scary situation. 1984 telescreens?

  4. Clearly, we need a new Fashion. People should start wearing dramatic makeup!
    Dazzle camo, Cetangandan-style facepaint, anything that sows confusion among the trackerbots. Change your makeup as the mood takes you, perhaps several times per day.
    If these are the Crazy Years, we need to start living accordingly.

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