This is a VERY important video

Last month, Kimberley Strassel discussed the Deep State conspiracy against President Trump in great detail, with emphasis on the FBI’s abuse of power.

I think this is a VERY important presentation – one that all Americans, on both sides of the political aisle, need to see.  Please publicize it on your own blogs and in social media, if you will.  Let’s spread the word!

Thank you, Ms. Strassel, for a masterful analysis.



  1. I disagree with her assessment. The Clintons and their lawyers, working with the Lynch DOJ dictated the terms of the email investigation and Comey went along with that.

    The Steele dossier was like a gift from heaven to the Clinton operatives.
    Clinton smear merchants fanned the flames of "Trump-Russia" and "Trump the Authoritarian" in the media spin, but they also began feeding the Steele dossier into the Obama DOJ, State Dept and top intel circles and from there it was funneled into the FBI.

    The Clinton lawyers were working to have 2 FBI investigations (email and foundation) squelched and then they decided to use the Steele dossier to corrupt the FBI and get a counter-intel investigation of the Trump campaign ignited.

    This wasn't just a few rogue top FBI officials who ran wild on their own. This was the Clintons and their vast machine of media smear merchants, lawyers and friends in the Obama WH, who worked to feed this info to the FBI.

    Even the Australian diplomat and Europeans seem to have been FOBs (friends of Bill Clinton). Btw, the server was never Hillary's, it was Bill's personal foundation server, which they decided to merge the US State Dept onto. The FBI notes indicated Cooper and Pagliano spent a few months in the fall of 2008 upgrading the server – in anticipation of adding the heavier State Dept email load to it. I believe, the cover-up was never about classified emails – it was about making sure the foundation emails never see the light of day. The endless Trump-Russian collusion effort was Hillary payback – if she couldn't have the presidency, she was going to make sure she wrecked Trump's.

    Saint Comey of Mount Extremely Careless is easy to hate, plenty on both side hate him, so the Clintons and Obama will let Comey be the fall-guy.

  2. Her presentation tracks very well with what I have read at conservative treehouse.

    I think it’s worse than she presents…

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