THIS is why you need a gun at present when driving!

Note this video, lifted from social media, where a young activist thug (with a ****-eating grin) demonstrates to other activists thugs how to break vehicle windows and drag people out of their cars.  She claims it’s to “defend yourself” by stopping vehicular assault, but anyone with half a working brain cell realizes that’s just a politically correct fig leaf.  If these activists thugs weren’t terrorizing motorists, there’d be no need for them to “defend themselves”.  Why not just get out of the street, and out of the way?

The emergency window breaker to which she refers is freely available, at low cost.  Rioters can equip themselves with one very affordably.

If you aren’t sure why they want to break vehicle’s windows and cut the driver’s seat belt, consider these videos.

If protesters attack you when you’re inside your vehicle, expect them to try to break your windows and drag you out.  Be prepared to stop them – the hard way, if necessary, by firing on them if they won’t back off.

That’s the current reality on many of our city streets.  Be forewarned, and be forearmed.



  1. When I drive around, I have my 33 inch tall, bad tempered male Ovcharka in the car. Protesters breaking into my car would provide a pleasant reprieve from his constant diet of raw chicken.

  2. Break a window and I'm on the gas and going thru whatever is in front of me.

    I remember Reginald Denny.

  3. Did you just assume xir gender, Peter?? Xe may be non-binary. Misgendering a person is a Crime Against Humanity.

  4. The alleged Provo shooter is my cousin's son. I'm told he liked to have a good time and never missed a blm protest. It was fun times until he started shooting. I suspect many others think it's all fun and games until the game starts shooting back.

  5. If you've been through police driving school (or a high dollar private "escape and evade" driving course) this won't be news to you, but:

    When you park, ALWAYS pull through so you're "nose out" or back into the space if "pull through" isn't an option. You want to be able to drive forward out of a space, not have to back out first.

    Park farther out, look for a space with several empty spaces around it. Walking an extra 50 feet won't kill you, and empty spaces next to you provide a "safety buffer."

    When you exit your vehicle and walk to the store is NOT the time to start calling people on your phone. Find a safe spot inside the store to do that.

    When you get in your vehicle the FIRST thing you do is step on the brake, start the engine, put it in drive and take the parking brake off. Seat belts, putting your purse somewhere, diddling with mirrors and radio, begging the kids to put their seat belts on, etc. comes after that. With engine on, trans in drive, brake off, to "get the heck out of there" all you have to do is step on the gas.

    In traffic, NEVER stop less than 1 car length behind any other car. Also, never more than 2 lengths, except when:

    If there's a cross street or driveway into a parking lot, stop before the cross street or driveway even when it's more than 2 car lengths behind the car in front. That street or parking lot entry is an escape path option – keep it available.

    You can DRIVE in the center lane but NEVER stop at an intersection in anything but the curb lane or median lane unless you're the first car in line in the center lane.

    In the curb lane you can drive over the curb if you have to and go down the sidewalk to escape. In the median lane you can drive down the median or U-turn across it. That empty car length ahead of you gives you the room to do that.

    When slowing down and stopping, check your mirrors, keep your head on a swivel. If you see car doors opening ahead/behind you, be prepared to climb the curb/drive the median to "get the heck out of there."

    ALWAYS be alert for people on foot, especially if they exited a vehicle. No one should be able to walk up to your car and surprise you.

    Put your #$*%^@ phone away when in the car, ESPECIALLY when stopped at lights. If you absolutely need to call/answer someone, get out of traffic and find a spot way out in the middle of a parking lot where you can see people coming from a long distance. Keep the car running, trans in gear, foot on brake.

    NEVER park next to an SUV or van. They block your sight lines and you can't see something coming.

    Carry your @&%$! gun. Carry it in such a way that it is rapidly accessible (if the only way you can carry it is in your purse on the other seat or the floor you don't have a gun, you have "baggage.")

    Stay alert for what's happening around you. That comes first – ahead of phone use, ahead of passengers, ahead of kids in the back seat, ahead of the dog, ahead of what's for dinner.

    When driving "drift" over to the center line frequently so you can look down the line of cars ahead and see what's happening 10, or 20 or 30 cars ahead. Staring at the back of the car in front of you gets you into trouble fast.

    Bottom line: You feel safe in your car because it's a familiar space and you spend a lot of time there; you are NOT safe in your car so stop acting like you are. You're out in the world where all the people are and some of them aren't good people. Be prepared to deal with it, BUT "avoiding" is better than "dealing" so plan for it.

    There's a lot more, but this is a start.

  6. Or "How To Get Shot In The Face For Attempted Carjacking In One Lesson".
    Ms. Smartypants is also gonna looked shocked and dismayed when folks start having hurricane film applied to their side windows, which she and her fellow anarcho-communists cannot break through, even with 40 swings with a baseball bat.
    Meanwhile, the screams from her fellow idiots as car wheels render their bones into jigsaw puzzles will be viral comedy videos for months.
    Play in the street, die in the street.
    Play stupid games = Win stupid prizes.

  7. As Rick T. said, if the window breaks, the immediate battle drill is to put the accelerator to the floor. If any of the 'protestors' happen to be in front of the vehicle, that's their problem.

  8. Two other idiot moves:
    – Not locking your car doors.
    – Getting out of the car and yelling instead of getting the heck outta Dodge! (0:34 in last video)

    We rented a GMC car that auto-locked when you came out of Park (good) but auto-unlocked as soon as you went back into P. Drove me crazy.

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