This looks like an awful lot of fun

I’m a bit too old and fat to try this, but I’d have liked to have had a go in my younger years.

Of course, if we could wangle one of those for me, and another for Old NFO, and one for Miss D., and one for aepilotjim, and another for Lawdog, plus one for Phlegmmy, and send one up to Alma so she could fly it down to join us . . . we could have a Northern Texas Writers and Soarers Club, right there!



  1. Endless Summer remake with altitude? Somewhere I have a photo of someone in a hot air balloon that is basically a backpack unit.

  2. I did this-sort of- in my younger days on the river in Parker, Az. A boat would be pulling me along and I would go up and down the river. Fun times but I would never do it today at 60.

  3. I tried it once. I was in my 20s, and the only reason I did was because the lady in front of me was in her 60s. I later learned that she rode a Harley 74, weather permitting.

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