This needs to go viral

May I request that my readers spread the word about this video to other bloggers, friends, etc.?  It deserves the widest possible coverage.  Watch it and you’ll understand.



EDITED TO ADD: Some people have asked for more identifying information about the man in the video. I’ve provided that in the 11th comment to this post, complete with supporting links.


  1. After the big Haitian earthquake in 2010, most of us heard that the world had donated billions of dollars in relief funds. And we also heard that very little of it really went there.

    We also know that Bill Clinton and Bush the Elder were famously portrayed as this odd-couple, bipartisan team going around and raising money for Haiti.

    Now it seems we know where at least some of that money ended up: the Clinton Foundation, a money laundering enterprise for the Clintons.

  2. The serious charitable groups I'm familiar with in Haiti (UMCOR, Grace Children's Hospital) have nothing good to say about the Clinton Foundation. And that's going back five years and more.


  3. I don't know who the gentleman is in this video but I'm pretty sure he wasn't the President of Haiti as represented in his narrative. I did a cursory fact check in Wikipedia and listened to him saying he's now a US Citizen so I guess I'm confused. But I don't doubt the money he's talking about went missing in much the way he's representing it to have occurred.

  4. At the start the speaker says he was the President of the Senate in Haiti.Someone has mis-titled the video. His name is needed in order to check the known facts before spreading something that is partially incorrect.

  5. Anon…That's what I tried to fact check this under and the speakers face wasn't any of them. His voice and face didn't match the person's who held office when the speaker said he was President of the Senate. I'm hoping someone else comes up with who's who and what's what on this one.

  6. His name is Bernard Sansaricq. For more information, see:

    He ran as a candidate for the US Congress:

    He is the author of a book on a 1964 massacre in Haiti (in French), 'Le Pouvoir de la Foi':

    Hope this helps.

  7. I worked with several officers of an Army Civil Affairs unit assigned to the initial Haitian recovery efforts.
    From them I learned The Rules.
    The 10% Rule of Material Relief: At every step of distribution 10% of the material will be pilfered.
    The 50% Rule of Monetary Relief: Yeah, 50% at every step skimmed off … except The Clinton Foundation seems to have manage 100%.

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