This one’s for Larry Correia

After Larry’s fulminations against Mike Glyer and File 770, it seems that progressive loony-left agitators are reporting anything and everything he says on Facebook as a breach of that platform’s code of conduct, resulting in multiple bans.  This doesn’t exactly worry him – he’s got hundreds of thousands of his own followers who couldn’t care less what Facebook thinks – but it’s frustrating, nonetheless.

Anyway, I thought I’d cheer Larry up by posting yesterday’s Pearls Before Swine cartoon strip.  I think it sums up the situation very nicely.  Click the image to go to a larger version of the cartoon on its Web site.

It must be frustrating for the poor, hardworking (?) social justice warriors over at Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.  So few of us give a damn about them any longer . . . and there are a growing number of worthwhile alternatives that don’t censor their users (e.g. MeWe, Gab, etc.)


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