This one’s for Old NFO

Old NFO‘s daughter and grandson are visiting him at present.  I sent him this picture this morning.

He replied: “That’s [my grandson] in a nutshell!”

I suspect it was him, too, in his younger years – to say nothing of yours truly . . .



  1. Heh. If one is good, then more must be better. Around age ten, I took a roll of caps for my Mattel revolver and stood it on edge on the anvil in our work shed, then hit it with sledge hammer. Probably got an early start on the high tone hearing loss in my left ear.

  2. Use to work with a retired railroad man fixing lawnmowers. His tools of choice were several different sizes of ball pean hammers and a bastard file. If he couldn't fix it with those, it was broke ! ! !

  3. The largest selection of hammers that I've ever seen was in a Harley Mechanic's tool chest. One day after hours at the Kawasaki dealer, I assisted while he installed a big bore kit and stroked crank in his Sportster engine.

    That involved a liberal application of a hammer and chisel to the crankcase for connecting rod clearance. The many brass hammers were used when he was truing the crank assembly before installation.

    It would have seemed more natural if we had been working in a blacksmiths shop. Then again, if it had wheels, we worked on it. (Back country area 40 years ago.)

  4. If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem – mate. (stolen from someone much brighter than I am)

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