Thrills, chills and spills – rally edition

Here’s a great compilation of recent rally racing crashes, near-crashes and exciting antics.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

In my younger days, I used to enjoy rallying, driving a slightly souped-up second-generation Ford Escort in South Africa.  However, it was highly unusual for us to hit more than 70-80 mph on the farm and country roads we used.  Today’s highly specialized rally cars seem to hit double that as a matter of course, and even faster on occasion.  I doubt I’d ever have been a good enough driver to handle them.



  1. "I doubt I'd ever have been a good enough driver to handle them."

    The lack of running from the revenuers, I would suspect.

  2. The drivers are obviously crazy but the people standing beside the road are just idiots. I assume that the reason we don't do that kind of racing in the USA is because of the liability laws. Sure looks like fun though. 🙂

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