Thunderstruck indeed!

Since today seems to have been a video-clip day here, let’s finish off with a Spanish bagpipe band.

People often forget that bagpipes are a widely used instrument in Europe.  They’re not just Scottish or Irish, but also found in France, Spain and elsewhere.  This is the group Rondalla Santa Eulalia de Mos (link is to their Facebook page) performing a rather unique version of the AC/DC hit ‘Thunderstruck‘.  Love the massed castanets providing an assist to the percussion section!

It would have been fun to hear that song performed in Washington D.C. today.  It’s probably a pretty good summation of the feelings of all the nefarious denizens of the Washington swamp, who’ve just seen their nemesis take the oath of office.



  1. Now go to youtube and look for "2cellos thunderstruck."

    Great… Googly… Moogly…

    Turns out those guys are famous, and I'd never heard of them…

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