Time for the FBI and the Justice Department to come clean


The more we examine the conduct of the FBI and the Justice Department over last year’s electoral fraud, the end of the Trump administration and beginning of the Biden administration, and all sorts of other shenanigans (including the alleged mistreatment of detainees from the January 6th demonstrations), the more it all stinks to high heaven.  In particular, possible FBI complicity in the events of January 6th, in which the agency and/or its informants is/are alleged to have played the role of agent(s) provocateur, have profound implications for our democracy – what’s left of it.

The thing is, it would be extraordinarily easy for the FBI and the Justice Department to disprove all of these allegations.  All they need to do is release the information they’re presently concealing from the public (including thousands of hours of security video recordings), and allow free access to those detailed after the January 6th demonstrations, so that we, the public, can see and learn for ourselves the truth of what happened on and since that day.  That’s all it would take – but they’re refusing to do that.  They’re actively making the situation worse for themselves.  What reason can there be for that if they have nothing to hide?

Tucker Carlson summed it up very well yesterday evening.  Here’s a very short (3-minute) video segment in which he asks three pointed questions.

If the embedded video above is taken down by YouTube (which appears to do that suspiciously often, if the Big Tech censors there don’t like what’s being said), you’ll find a copy of the above segment on Gab TV.  I highly recommend that you watch it before it vanishes down the censors’ memory hole.

Tucker Carlson is right.

If the Justice Department and the FBI have nothing to hide, there should be no problem with them answering his questions.  If they refuse to do so, isn’t that prima facie evidence that they are hiding something?

I think that question answers itself.  It’s more and more clear that it won’t be sufficient to prove electoral fraud in last year’s election, or even to remove the Biden administration.  As we’ve said before, TINVOWOOT.  If we’re to safeguard democracy in America and our republican (small-r), constitutional form of government, we’re going to have to clean house in all the corrupted agencies, departments and bureaux of government.  That probably means requiring the resignation of (or firing) almost all their senior administrators (those in the Senior Executive Service and/or Executive Schedule), plus the majority of their upper-level General Schedule managers – say, everyone from GS-14 upward, and possibly lower than that in certain agencies.

Yes, that’ll disrupt government operations for a while . . . but if we leave them in place, those individuals (and their puppet masters) will disrupt our democracy and constitution.  That’s their job, after all.  It’s why they were promoted or appointed to their present positions, many during the Obama administration.  The Biden administration is turning out to be, in so many words, Obama’s third term, with all the corruption, bias and malice that implies.

That poison is still embedded deep within the Swamp that is Washington D.C.  President Trump made a valiant effort to drain it, but I don’t think he realized how deep it runs.  It’s like the Hydra – chop off one head, and two more grow.  Like Heracles, we’re going to have to (figuratively speaking) not just remove the heads, but cauterize the stumps, to ensure they don’t grow back.



  1. BRM, I was thinking of this sort of thing yesterday in terms of the discussion of various election audits. We, as citizens, are often told that we should not fear things such as random searches or audits if we truly have nothing to hide. Should this not be equally true of our government?

  2. Fire and sword.

    There's no other way.

    "When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable." – JFK

  3. If we think that this or any other entrenched Oligarchy is going to peaceably submit to mass firings and reorganizations that deprive them of their rape and pillage opportunities, we are not only sadly deluded but deserve to be ruled by these people who, at least, have a more sentient hold on reality than us.

    There is absolutely no way that anything like this will work. You may as well ask the Mafia to quit their racketeering and take up knitting for paraplegic hamsters.

    As Aesop and others are wont to say: we don't get out of this by voting. Way too far gone for that.

    At some point when we have a rebirth of freedom it must include some absolute bar to concentrated federal powers. Power will always corrupt but if the corruption is limited to the state or local level it is far easier to remedy and moving as a last resort. At the federal level…impossible to correct and nowhere to move.

  4. I have a question. Even IF we can "get the goods" of what really occurred in the election, if we can prove Trump was the actual winner, etc. Etc., WHAT HAPPENS? We've never had a Presidency, an Administration found to be illegitimate, let alone 6 months in….ANY HOPE XIDEN & CO. WOULD JUST GIVE IN? I don't think so, Scooter — we have never had to remove a Gov't. before, except thru a peaceful, normally-scheduled election… I see no chance of doing so without a full-blown Coup de etat. Looking for an honest discussion, here. Peter? Anyone?
    How do we get thru this, other than a bloody revolt, IF THE PROOFcan be made public?

  5. We have never had to remove an illegitimate regime from office. Plus, all the supporting beurocracy, which made the steal possible! ALL THE SENIOR LEADERSHIP,federal "law enforcement", intelligence agencies, judicial, legislative and Executive branches…
    Having never done it before, IF WE CAN PROVE THE CASE, how will we get it accomplished short of a bloody, protracted Coup de Etat? Like you Peter, I'm not anxious to see a blood-bath. I also dont see the Democratic Party just saying "Okay, you caught us, here's your nation back!" WHEN YOU CANT TRUST THE COURTS OR COPS TO BACK THE LAW, what options are left? Ideas, discussion? Sound off, Peter, guys. If there's any hope of keeping some semblance of the Founder's Republic, we need answers…

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