Tired, sore and aching

I’m not having a good time health-wise this week.

Monday I went down to Dallas, where a urologist informed me that I’ll have to have another ureteroscopy to remove a big kidney stone that’s been bugging me for some time – it won’t pass on its own, as smaller ones have done.  I’m in the process of getting a CAT scan and other preliminary steps.  I’ve had a ureteroscopy before . . . very painful, very uncomfortable, and necessitating wearing an adult diaper for five days until the damn thing comes out.  Not looking forward to that at all.

To add insult to injury, yesterday I began to get a sore throat.  I went to the doc this morning, to be informed that it’s not flu or strep throat (both of which are going around here at present), but it’s “definitely something”!  I’ve been put on precautionary medications to keep it under control until the surgery is over.  If it blows up before then, I’ll have to postpone the ureteroscopy – apparently operating room teams don’t like patients infecting all of them, and the operating room to boot.

For even more fun, Miss D. had a series of allergy tests this morning, involving scratching her skin, rubbing in various contaminants, and seeing which ones made her swell up like a balloon.  She’s not a happy camper, either.

Anyone like to take our places for a few weeks, until all this is over?



  1. Oh no. No trade. The (initial) dose of Shringrix was quite enough, thaks. And I usually do not have any reaction to vaccinations, but this one might have been what is called "a good take." Yeah, am *so* looking forward to second shot.

  2. Peter, any chance you take milk in your tea? Or are over fond of MountainDew? If so, might want to bring it up with urology. Milk in tea can cause calcium oxylate crystal kidney stones to form, and Mountain Dew seems to be a common thread among my kidney stone patients.

  3. There is a machine called a Lithatripter (sp) which is used to break up the stones via ultrasound. Don't know if that is an option or helpful.

  4. I'm just picturing the response to a doctor looking down your throat and saying, " Oh…that certainly looks like SOMETHING." I'm pretty sure I can look at my own throat in the mirror and come up with that without paying the doctor a penny!

    Good Luck!!!!!

  5. If you haven't had a full thyroid workup, strongly advise you do so. Be sure they check for Hashimoto's antibodies. Mystery sore throat is a common acute-phase symptom.

  6. Peter,

    There's a not-a-Flu going around that starts with a sore throat and develops into bronchitis. I was coughing up blood for a few days until the Zpac kicked in. Missed some work and spent the time on the couch zoning out to the wife's Xbox games.

    Take care!

  7. Triple bypass, carotid artery Stents and my wife has M S for 30 years. When Jack Palance said getting old ain't for sissies he wasn't kidding! Get well soon

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