Tom Rogneby’s latest book is out

Tom’s third book in his ‘Minivandians’ series, ‘Lost Children‘, has just been published.

The blurb reads:

Elsked’s adventure continues! In the second of three stories, the Minivandian’s son trades tales of his pets and their misadventures for another story from his parents past.

After escaping the frozen north, Daddybear and Ruarin find refuge with the magical kin of an old friend. Before they can make their way home, treachery will strike the city, leaving death and disappearances in its wake. In an idyllic lakeside city harboring the ancient evil that drove its people from their ancient homeland, can the Minivandian save his Lady of Eire?

Tom’s a good friend to Miss D. and myself.  He blogs at Daddybear’s Den, where he posted a snippet from one of the shorter stories in the book, as well as an excerpt from one of the longer tales.  Go read them to get an idea of what it’s about.

Recommended reading.



  1. Curse you Peter Grant, you purveyor of addictive fiction, both your own and from others such as Tom and OldNFO.
    Darned good thing I'm retired so I have a prayer of keeping up with your recommendations.

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