Tongue not necessarily in cheek?

Found on Gab this morning, origin unknown (clickit to biggit):

At least he didn’t mention meteorology – frozen steel posts during an icy winter . . .  What other sciences can you recommend that should (or should not) involve licking something?  Please tell us in Comments.  This could be fun!



  1. Economics: Only if the benefit is greater than the cost.
    Philosophy: What is the ideal lick? How can we know it exists?

  2. Mathematics – tastes like legal pad and #2 pencil
    Sociology – only if everyone is
    Political Science – only if you're not running for office
    Physical Anthropology – how long is your tongue?
    Astronomy – No! It fogs the lenses
    Theoretical Physics – Mathematica has a function for that
    Experimental Physics – High Voltages or Hazardous Conditions may exist. You'll never know until you try!

  3. HA, that arrow to computer science is about right. Programs have a habit of working when I show up at other peoples desks. Funny that. Mostly because people are more careful when they have a programmer standing there saying, now what were you doing?

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