Towing FAIL!

From the sound of the language, I presume this was filmed in Russia, but I could be wrong. Can anyone confirm?

Wherever it was, clearly the towing driver had never heard of proper weight distribution on a trailer – or a sway control device!



  1. Reminds me of the time that I put a Dodge M-37 that weighed 5,600lbs on a U-Haul car trailer that was rated for 4,000lbs. max. Fortunately we never had the catastrophic event occur, but the whole trip, I could feel the truck on the back trying to "steer" the one I was pulling the trailer with. Never again.

  2. We used to pull our old Dodge behind the camper on a towbar, and that would happen with amazing regularity. Recovery is not that difficult, if you start as soon as the sway begins.
    And yes, that's Russian. I can't place the accent, but the bad words are pretty clear!

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