Tragedy in Oklahoma

There’s not much I can add to the outpouring of news stories, sympathy and aid about and for the victims of yesterday’s devastating tornado in Oklahoma.  There’s no reliable count of the dead, injured and missing yet, but it’s very large.

I’d like to ask all my readers to please contribute what you can – even if it’s only a prayer – to help those affected.  There are many places to donate (although I personally won’t support the Red Cross, thank you very much, having experienced their ‘assistance’ after Hurricane Katrina!), but my money will be going to the Salvation Army.  They don’t use donations to pay grossly inflated salaries to their administrators, or to cover massive ‘overhead’ expenses.  Click here for their donation page for the Oklahoma disaster.


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  1. Even if it's only a prayer? Coming from you, I wonder what's up with this?

    I, too, support the Salvation Army at the expense of all other groups. I've always encouraged others to do the same.

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