Tragic news from SayUncle

Well-known gun-blogger SayUncle’s wife died suddenly and without any warning a few days ago.

On March 20th, my beloved wife and mother of my children, unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest. She had never presented any symptoms prior to then.

On March 21st, her doctor informed me that her brain was no longer functioning and there was no chance of recovery.

On March 22nd, in accordance with her wishes outlined in her living will, I authorized the medical staff to remove life support. She passed away peacefully at 8:48am central time while I held her hand. She will be missed.

March 23rd would have been our 18th anniversary.

There’s more at the link.  If you read his blog, please click over there and leave a supportive comment, along with many of his other readers.

Let this also be a wake-up call to the rest of us.  “In the midst of life, we are in death”, as the time-honored funeral service reminds us.  None of us know when our time will come.  Let’s do what we can to make the necessary arrangements, so that if it should come, we’ve expressed our wishes for medical care and made arrangements for what’s to be done after we die.  That’s important for those we leave behind.  They’ll be deep in grief at losing us.  The last thing they need is to have to cope with unfinished business as well.



  1. I lost my partner of just under 19 years in 2011. I had to tell the hospital and doctors FIVE times in her last hours NO, no mechanical life support. That was her choice, her will. We were able to say goodbye (along with our 17 yr old daughter).

    I agree that people need to clearly lay out their desires. The hospital had her wishes in writing and still pressed the issue.

    I wrote a booklet about the issue and her last days.

    Their Choice, Our Responsibility

  2. Prayers
    I lost my sister in September, she was found unresponsive 10 minutes after speaking to her husband. She had no brain function and after 3 days was taken off life support and passed.
    The doctors never did figure out what happened.

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