1. If they can get you to believe parents can consent for children to have the same, then the next step is child brothels.

  2. Drop them deep in the Amazon forest and tell them that Civilization is directly south, if they can make it. However, directly south will just take them deeper into the forest and further away from Civilization. Never heard from again.

  3. The transnational Weimar class must be ever more transgressive, and normalizing child molestation is just the trailing edge of a long-running transgression.
    Next up for normalization: cannibalism. We've seen the early signs. Question: does that mean it's the next transgression for the Dav(r)os set, or that they've been doing it for years and it's almost time to sell the public on the idea?
    (I've been speculating that roast late-term fetus, with the traditional apple in its mouth, may already be a sacramental dinner in some rarefied circles. Seems to fit the need for atrocities as well as the insistence on fourth-trimester abortions.)
    Remember: after the first crime against humanity, the rest are free.

  4. I'm more traditional….hung drawn and quartered has a nice ring to it.
    Although that might be too quick. Put them in a cage, suspend cage in the town square, no food or water. Let the crows feed.

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