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Couple that (you should pardon the expression) with the uproar last year over the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus song proclaiming “We’re coming for your children”.  Kinda makes the situation clear, doesn’t it?  Parents should respond appropriately to such predatory behavior.



  1. I find it alarming that someone who is a writer has such a poor understanding about how a Library functions. I also am dismayed to see someone who is a preacher and practitioner of the violent arts advocating tongue in cheek for violence. Irresponsible. Most libraries don't even get to choose their collections. They've been forced to exist as library systems, groups that share funding and collections because no town will support a single library anymore. They are repositories of ALL types of information, regardless of if you personally agree with it or not. You're likely to find Sweeney's "Book of the ar-15 in the same building as "Is my son gay?". Its up to the parent to decide what their child checks out. Hinting that people should respond violently to libraries that hold books they disagree with is a slippery slope that is going to get some poor innocent Librarian killed.

  2. @Tremaine: I made no call for anyone to respond violently to libraries. Appropriate action can include demonstrations; getting elected to the body or bodies that control library funding and acquisitions; and pressuring local and regional government to ensure that such material is removed from circulation. You're the only one who's mentioned violence.

  3. This is why the more conservative generations drew a line. When you try to be nice to people, give them an inch and they take a mile. The Gay community is 4X more likely to abuse children. But also them seem unable to police themselves and shut down those abusers. Grooming is the first step.

    Child abuse is not acceptable and grooming is not either. We can choose to over react or under react but we will never perfectly react – we are humans. I would choose to over react when protecting our kids. This doesn't have to mean violence, but neither does it rule it out. Prison is a form of violence as we restrain someone against their will (Having been in the Navy and confined to less space than prisoners get I have some understanding of confinement. Having it involuntarily imposed is IMHO a form or violence). People who can not restrain themselves from hurting others MUST be confined, and this goes double for those who hurt kids.

    It is not prejudice to hold someone responsible. I don't care which consenting adult is in the bedroom with you, but those 2 conditions are necessary.

  4. Peter

    I agree, but specify what you think appropriate action is then. I'm not the only one that mentioned violence. Some of your readers appear to think that "appropriate action" means rapid rifle fire and piano wire. (See above) I'm no pedo supporter. Far from it. But the world is sitting on a knife edge and careless talk can lead to blameless people getting caught up in the whirlwind.

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