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First, from Larry Lambert:

The 2020 election was a fraud — and Congress including the Republicans — are cool with that. The American democracy has ceased to exist because what value is a vote? There has been no effort to prove or insure that voting this year or in the future will be sound, and accurate.

There are some who feel that the rally in Washington DC yesterday will provide an excuse for more coercion (tyranny) on the American people, but let me assure you that they don’t need an excuse. Oh, they may belch it out on CNN, but they’d do it anyway.

President Trump was the only voice for Americans in a very long time. He pulled the curtain back on the Washington DC swamp and they hate him for it. I realize that President Trump is not perfect, but he did speak to the concerns, hopes and wishes of much of America. The power elite who run the country immediately launched a relentless smear campaign and a lot of people bought it. But about 80 million Americans didn’t. Those eighty million must be destroyed.

Do any of you actually feel that Congress fairly represents you?

There’s more at the link.

Next, from the Gun Free Zone:

Consider what it says about how half this country views private property rights when rioters who loot and burn private property are given a pass [to do] more than $2 billion in damage to mostly people’s homes and businesses – the Left literally occupied city blocks and owned two autonomous zones around homes and businesses – but when a government building that is the seat of power was infiltrated and occupied, that is the worst day in modern history.

Leftist rioters attempted to burn down a Federal building in Portland, many times.  Leftist rioters vandalized statues and Federal monuments. They even wrote snuff porn about destroying the Washington Monument.

When Trump deployed law enforcement to protect the Lincoln Memorial and Portland Federal Courthouse, that made him literally Hitler.

When the right breaks into the Capitol, and doesn’t set one fire or throw one Molotov cocktail, spray paint one slogan, or destroy one priceless statue, the call is unanimous to arrest and prosecute to the end of the earth and back again.

We cannot have two sets of laws and two codes of behavior in this country.  It didn’t work in France in the 1790s, Russia in the 1910s, or Bosnia in the 1990s.

We have to return to one standard or this will happen again.

. . .

What we say yesterday was as much of a peasants revolt as anything else.

If you want to stop a peasants revolt, you have to stop treating these people like peasants, and the first step there is to listen to them and not just dismiss them as bigots.

Again, more at the link.

Finally, from Phil at Bustedknuckles:

The thing that should have everyone’s attention now though is the absolute and total betrayal by our Congressmen and women, who actually voted to certify Joe Biden as the duly elected President to be of this country.

In spite of the election fraud that was so blatant that Stevie Wonder could have seen it facing out to space from the dark side of the Moon.

This tells me that there are several hundred sworn Traitors in our highest offices in government.

Every. Single. Mother*******. One of these Low Life *********** who voted Yes for that has now committed Treason in front of God and the entire world.

There is absolutely no other word for it.

The Biden administration is an illegitimate coup come to fruition.

More at the link.

I think those three bloggers sum it up very adequately.  I’ll have a lot more to say in due course, but they put things in a nutshell.

We – this country, and everyone in it – are balanced on a knife-edge.  As soon as Joe Biden takes office, we will slip off that knife, getting badly – perhaps terminally – cut on the way.  From that moment on, the die will have been cast.  Millions of us know full well that the Presidential elections were stolen, and the powers that be – the Democratic Party and the so-called “Deep State” – were responsible, and they don’t give a damn what we think about it.  They’re giving us the finger every day and daring us to try to stop them, because they believe they control all the reins of power and can crush our opposition.

I think they’re wrong.



  1. Pete:

    Since my blog is now gone – long story, but Hashem willing I will revive under another name in a month – I had a piece published in the local NH conservative blog:

    In it is what I think could be THE core element; please forgive the self-promotion:

    Trump was not our last chance. He was your last chance… and you squandered it. You could have gritted your teeth through eight years of Trump as we gritted our teeth through eight years of Barackus. But we understand now: you are not a political movement; you are a religious movement. A supremacist religious movement. We have been given a choice – convert, submit, or fight.

    I worship Hashem, not The State. Thus I am, to the Left, a heretic. The same applies to you, and most readers here. We as individuals are nothing to The State and our deaths will not matter to them. Indeed, as I observed multiple times on my blog, they will cheer and think themselves good people getting rid of evil.

    And that's the truly frightening part. I see people on LinkedIn, my one "mainstream" SM outlet, openly wishing for conservatives to be tried, jailed, even executed. They state this openly.

    In conclusion, two quotes from my Jewish background.

    1. "When someone says they want to kill you, believe them". – Elie Wiesel, noted speaker & Holocaust survivor

    2. "When someone comes to kill you, arise and kill them first". – Talmud

  2. Well, some spam got past the filter.

    It occurs to me that what was left off the list of double standards in law was South Africa.

    Get ready for the American Apartheid.


  3. I wonder about privatizing the investigation moving forward, much like the Miami Herald (?) did after the Bush V Gore thing, where they hand counted all the votes. Accessing the voter records under FOIA would be difficult because the left will resist, but a concerted effort to manually check the rolls and ballots of each contested state might be worthwhile. Not to reverse this election but to give average Americans and state governments reason (and pressure) to fix the voting systems.

    Not saying it would be easy, just saying it could be worthwhile.

    On similar lines, I'd also like to see the 1776 Project that Trump instituted privatized as well, given that Biden will shut down the government funded version on day 1.

  4. ANY article that says we are a democracy is not worthy of my time… If you get that VERY SIMPLE fact wrong, (saying we are a democracy, when we are not) everything else you write is tinged by your ignorance…

  5. … the powers that be – the Democratic Party and the so-called "Deep State" – were responsible

    And the Republican Party

  6. @Axeanda45: It doesn't help to try to be a purist about this. Yes, we are a constitutional republic, rather than a "pure" democracy: but for the majority of Americans, they think of this country as a democracy. To speak of it in that way is merely to put it in terms they can understand.

    To reject others because they do so is to self-isolate yourself from potential allies. That's a bad start.

  7. Keep in mind that a sizable minority of Congress DID fight the certification this week – 121 House members and 7 Senators voted against Certification.
    I have yet to see a list of them; we need to find out who they are and support them since there have been calls in Congress to censure or expel anyone who didn't support Certification.

  8. @Jonathan H: "a sizable minority of Congress DID fight the certification this week – 121 House members and 7 Senators voted against Certification. I have yet to see a list of them; we need to find out who they are"

    Not to worry – we'll meet them in the camps.

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