Truth in advertising: when the medium doesn’t match the message


It seems truth in advertising trumps (you should pardon the expression) ideological purity.  Some brand calling itself the “Gender Co” is offering this T-shirt on Amazon.

Sounds perfectly politically correct . . . until one notes that it’s available in “fit types” for men and women.  Just two genders.  (And don’t try to tell me that gender is not the same as sex.  Medical science doesn’t agree.  The chromosomes have it.)

Needless to say, Amazon’s customers are having fun.  From product reviews:

  • “I tried to order this shirt but it only comes in men’s and women’s. This is not accepting of the life I live as a transginger pansacksual nonblueberry beeing that identifies as a polygon grilled cheese sandwich.”
  • And again:  “I am a 3XL female that identifies as a transgender petite male. Wondering what color won’t make my a$$ look fat.”

There aren’t many reviews yet, but I’m sure that’ll change as more people become aware of the dichotomy.  Why not click over there and read them for yourself – and, while you’re there, why not add yours?



  1. Amazon has no sense of humor and will ban you from comments and reviews with no notice, no appeal and even better never telling you just what set them off.

    I kinda miss being able to leave my favorite authors book reviews to help them out.

  2. Looked on Amazon, not to buy, and found that they come in Men and Woman sizes. Kind of a mixes message isn't it? So much for truth in advertising.

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