Tugboat meat in a dockyard sandwich

A tip o’ the hat to GCaptain for finding this video clip of a harbor tug in San Francisco being ground between Pier 27 and the cruise liner Star Princess.

They’ll have to inspect the pier for damage, as well as the tug.  Did you see how far its stern went underneath the pier?  I reckon that will have taken out more than a few uprights and the bracing between them.  The building on top of that section might be a bit rickety for a while . . .



  1. Someone's gonna be peeing in a cup after that.
    While an allision like that isn't a 'near miss' it certainly could have been a lot worse.

    It's tough in situations like that from the assist tug position- he can't throttle up without the express permission of the pilot on the cruise ship, and if the pilot is looking elsewhere, it takes a bit to say 'hey I'm getting shoved under the dock." Momentum is a real bitch, too.

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