Tulkon, Day 1


We arrived in Tulsa late yesterday afternoon, after a comfortable enough journey (about 4½ hours on the road, plus stops).  Traffic was relatively light heading north, but Oklahoma City was its usual tangle of roads, vehicles and construction.  Fortunately, most of the tangles appeared to be in the southbound lanes, so we were spared the hassle.  There was a lot of truck traffic as we drew nearer to Tulsa, which surprised me – I’d have expected it to be heavier near the much larger Oklahoma City, but that wasn’t the case.

The hotel is undergoing construction, but is comfortable enough.  An alarm went off in the small hours of Friday morning, but it was some distance away, muted by walls and corridors.  So far, so good – but a few minutes later, a speaker woke everybody in every room by announcing loudly that there was no emergency and we could all go back to sleep.  I was awake at the time, so it didn’t bother me, but Miss D. had a few choice things to say (as she rolled over in bed) about inaudible warnings versus all-too-audible All Clear notifications.

Panel discussions and presentations kick off this afternoon.  I have only one scheduled, on Sunday afternoon, but Miss D. has one today, and a few more scattered here and there.  David Weber is the guest of honor, so a number of his Honorverse fans have shown up.  I’ve already seen several members of the Royal Manticoran Navy in full uniform.  They’re a fun bunch.

Other than that, not much to report yet.  My damaged back and left leg were giving me hell by the time we got back from supper at a local restaurant, so I turned in early.  I’ll take things gently today and see how well my leg holds up.  (Yes, I have a walking stick to help with mobility and fan control, thank you very much!)

Hope you have an enjoyable day too, wherever you are.  If I get the chance to post again today, I will, and there’ll be another update tomorrow morning.



  1. Fan control?

    Is that for controlling rotary impellers of things gaseous, or for defending from too clingy admirers of your work?

  2. For about 50 years I thought about attending a con. That blossom fell long ago. I cannot remember if it was Jerry Pournelle or H. Beam Piper that talked about a conference where one of them sang morgen rot and they all pinched the pretty girls.

    i'm an old lech now but i still pinch the pretty girl every night as we go up the stairs to bed.

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