Twenty years of “Voyager”

It came as quite a shock to realize that one of my favorite Mike Oldfield albums, “Voyager“, was released twenty years ago.  That seems impossible!  It seems like it was just yesterday . . .  I guess I’m getting old!

Anyway, to commemorate the occasion (and simply because it’s one of my favorite Oldfield compositions), here’s “Mont St. Michel”, the final track from the “Voyager” album.  It’s a classically-oriented, celtic-themed instrumental piece.  Turn up the volume and enjoy it!

Thanks for the music, Mr. Oldfield.  Please keep it coming!



  1. I was a huge Mike Oldfield fan when I first got married and my son was an infant. I'd have Oldfield LP's playing on the turntable 24/7. I quickly discovered that my infant son liked the music and it mostly lulled him to sleep, except on the two albums (Ommadawn and Five Miles Out) where Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains played solos on the Uillean Pipes. These would wake my son and he'd cry, his face screwed up in rage. It was uncanny.

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