Two new fun, short reads

Friends in meatspace and cyberspace, Tom Rogneby and Alma Boykin (the links are to their respective blogs), have each put out a new piece of short fiction in the past few days.

Alma’s newest is a collection of five short stories titled ‘Familiar Tales‘.

The title doesn’t mean that the stories are familiar;  rather that they’re stories about familiars, the spirits (usually in animal form) who are ‘assigned’ to magicians and other arcane practitioners to help them in their work.  Alma’s ‘familiars’ are sometimes a hindrance, too, due to their somewhat . . . ah . . . eclectic natures.  The collection of stories is a lot of fun, with several sections that had Miss D. and I laughing aloud.

Tom’s latest offering is a short story titled ‘The Boogeyman‘.

It’s about a private investigator with paranormal leanings, and a lot of experiences he’d rather not have had – hence his title.  He looks scary, but he’s good at his job.  This story tells the tale of one such job, in a way that has you riding right along with the hero.  Good stuff.

Both books carry Miss D.’s and my seal of approval, and they’re very reasonably priced.  Recommended reading.


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