Two powerful thoughts on gun control


While our senile President blathers on about 9mm “blowing out your lung” (it won’t) and threatening more gun control measures, I found two observations over the long weekend that sum up the futility of the latter option.  Click either image for a larger view.

From Larry Lambert:

And from the Latino Rifle Association:

Both all too true – not that gun-grabbers will ever concede either point . . .

Ask yourself this question.  If the state severely restricts firearm possession, and it emerges (as it undoubtedly will) that those measures do nothing whatsoever to reduce crime or violence, do you really think the gun-grabbers will be honest enough to admit they were wrong, and revoke the restrictions?  Like hell they will!  They’ll double down, and demand yet more restrictions, because they can never afford to admit, even to themselves, that they were wrong.  They’re operating on a doctrinaire, ideological basis, rather than one founded in empirical reality.

The truth is not in them.



  1. To expand on your point about doubling down, every time there is a mass-shooting incident, the gun-grabbers shout about the need for "common sense gun legislation", as though there hasn't been a plethora of gun legislation enacted over the years. And the RINOs go along with them, as I've heard in the news that Mitch McConnell has directed Cornyn to work with the White House on potential compromise.

    Lawdog has a very good post about this very thing.

  2. Case in point about firearm restrictions. Here in Canada handgun homicides are up in a few large metropolises. Police say that a large majority are illegal guns smuggled from the United States.

    Yesterday the Liberal government announced new legislation that will "Cap" the number of handguns in circulation. Banning the sale, transfer, and eventually ownership of them. So if you own any type of handgun, you can't sell it to anyone, you can't leave them to your offspring when you pass, or even give it to someone that is allowed to use them as well.

    Whole bunch of other crap in the bill as well. I am predicting a run on handgun sales in the next week or so.

  3. Biden lies frequently about a great many things. For example he has stated for the record that the infamous Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 was a roaring success.
    But that is a flat out lie. It's target was a few "scary" firearms in particular, certain cosmetic features of a few others, and a constraint on magazine capacities for both rifles and handguns. Opponents were able to have a ten year sunset clause included in the bill. Champions agreed in full confidence that it would be so successful that a permanent renewal was guaranteed. A provision was also put in place to monitor and track the effects of the legislation.
    The outcome: public response to the ban was a major contributor to them losing their majorities in both Houses of Congress in the '94 mid term elections. And after ten years of the restrictions independent analysis determined that the ban had practically no effect on either crime or public safety so it was allowed to terminate with no real opposition.

  4. "..will be honest enough to admit they were wrong, and revoke the restrictions?…They'll double down, and demand yet more restrictions, because they can never afford to admit, even to themselves, that they were wrong."

    Like the Covid Lockdowns. These clowns took a wrecking ball to peoples lives and livelihoods and their "measures" did little to nothing. But will they apologize, admit their wrongdoing? Never.

  5. We simply can not allow the idiots who told us a sign announcing that no guns are allowed to tell us how to deal with this problem.
    The courts agree that the kids don't lose their first amendment rights because they are at school. Why would teachers lose their second amendment rights? The societal degeneration,attributable to all things lefty,will continue to be demonstrated by events like this. The influencing factors? Where to start? God,discipline ,war on the family, white males are evil,schools are not just teaching, they are absolutely indoctrination centers, I know how much I didn't like it fifty years ago, it's NOT gonna fix,not just by dealing with shooters differently. The shooter is a symptom of a screwed up society.

  6. While it is true that if you need 30 rounds to bag a deer, you aren't much of a hunter, is it not also true that if you must first disarm your constituents before you can govern them, that you aren't much of a governor?

  7. I'm still of the belief that gun confiscation will be not done via 4 am raids, despite several people on other web sites telling me that I'm wrong (without telling me HOW I'm wrong).
    The social credit approach is the way it will be done, and it will be gradual, although probably pretty swift.
    One scenario I've done starts with food, gas, and electric rationing, beginning this fall. Once the implantable chips are ready, probably by year's end, they will be made mandatory in order to buy anything. The chips will have a number of things that are tracked, and by next spring the govt will start restricting what individuals may and may not purchase.
    At first, there won't be much, if anything, in the line of restrictions, but as people get used to the chips, and accept them, the restrictions will begin. Own guns? You'll be restricted on what you can buy, how much gas you're allowed, and so on.
    The vise will tighten over the following months, until winter of 2023-2024 comes, which is when I expect the great die off to come, just in time for the 2024 "elections".
    I hope that I'm wrong on this; I hope that we can vote our way out of this, and I hope to be able to get a 2 year technical lead NX designer contract right here in Blue Ash, Ohio, at $50/hour. Oh, that, and my own pet Dragon.
    Plague Monk

  8. I'm not about to disagree. That way there is no Head of The Snake to be cut off. I've noticed that when they want to enact something they know is unpopular they start in one place and drag it across the entire population over time. That way they don't create a huge uprising. The most ruinous thing is passed bipartisan.. It's been done to us for decades. I watched some jakkass on TV tell us
    We know NAFTA is not popular, but we are passing it anyway. You'll thank us later. No..NAFTA forced Mexico to accept massively subsidized agricultural products which bankrupted their generations long farmers, and created hungry people who were, by necessity, coming to America. Not unforseen, not unfoseeable and Not an unintended consequence. America is and has been under attack from within for a long time.

  9. The REAL story about the wolves and sheep is that the Sheepdogs (who still had their teeth) protected the flock from the wolf. However, the sheep, who are possibly God's stupidest creation, starved to death and were eaten by scavengers. Draw your own conclusions.

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