Typical progressive politics – govern to your own interest group and screw everybody else


I note the Governor of Colorado and the Democratic Party administration there are doing their best to anger and alienate the second-largest industry in the state.

Governor Jared Polis infuriated farmers and ranchers by issuing an anti-meat proclamation making March 20, 2021 “Meat Out Day.” … The Polis proclamation is taken nearly word-for-word from the radical vegan Farm Animal Rights Movement’s (FARM) MeatOut.org website, and recites a litany of supposed evils of meat and benefits of a vegan lifestyle and even invokes “reducing our carbon footprint” and preventing animal cruelty.  According to FARM, its mission is to end the use of animals for food.

Polis does give a nod to agriculture, noting that “Colorado is the proud home to farmers and ranchers alike and we recognize the importance of agriculture in the state.” But this didn’t blunt the ire of Colorado legislators, agricultural producers and county commissioners over the potential economic harm Polis may have triggered.

Logan County Commissioner Byron Pelton told Complete Colorado Friday that he has been taking numerous phone calls and text messages from his constituents.

“I heard several people mention it as a war on rural Colorado,” said Pelton. “These are family farming operations that have livestock and produce and they are very frustrated with the treatment of agriculture right now by the Governor.”

. . .

The USDA January 1, 2021 livestock inventory in Colorado shows 2.65 million cows, 445,000 sheep, 630,000 hogs and 32,000 goats.

Colorado Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, who excoriated the proclamation on the floor of the state Senate, calling it “the most obscene gesture that can be given” to Colorado livestock producers, told Complete Colorado Saturday that there are going to be “huge gatherings” to celebrate Colorado meat products on March 20.

“The Sterling sale barn is having a huge event, and I’m going to a Four-H club in Holly where we will be handing out beef sticks and talking about how important the beef industry is in Colorado,” said Sonnenberg. “[The proclamation] has woken up a sleeping giant and agriculture is no longer set on just doing their work and tuning out politics. They have woken up and now they are going to fight back.”

. . .

Polis has a history of antipathy towards agriculture. In 2019 he told the Colorado Department of Agriculture that it should promote vegan products made from soybeans, which are not grown in Colorado, like the Impossible Burger, a trademarked product of Impossible Foods Inc. He has also excluded appointments to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission and Colorado State Fair of representatives from the agricultural industry.

There’s more at the link.

During our regular visits to Colorado for our Blogorado gathering every year, we’ve heard similar resentment and anger towards the state government from ranchers and farmers.  They were particularly angered by the reintroduction of predatory species (threatening their herds, particularly calves and other young animals) without being given any input or say in the matter.  As a result, I understand the 3-S treatment has become the usual way of dealing with the problem.

I like a blogging buddy’s response to the Governor’s decision.

My Saturday brewery friends, with whom I meet on Saturdays and have a pint or two, socialize, play cards, etc. and I have decided we’re going to have a potluck carry in that day (the place we go does not serve food beyond pre-bagged chips, popcorn, etc., but encourages patrons to bring in food…. So we often will.)

So far, we’ve got two types of meat balls (Italian and Swedish), smoked duck, venison summer sausage, smoked chicken wings (me), maple candied bacon, and pulled pork sliders.

That’s the way to do it!

Of course, what’s happening in Colorado is no different to what’s happening in Congress right now.  It looks as if Pelosi and her coven are planning to ram gun control legislation through as quickly as they can, despite the fact that most Americans don’t agree with it.  They don’t care about that.  They only care that their progressive left-wing constituency want it – so screw the rest of us.

Hmmm . . . what about a potluck to demonstrate our contempt for the gun-grabbers?  I suggest a main course of EBR‘s, with side dishes of handguns, magazines, ammo, and accessories.



  1. Gotcha one better. Florida in 2018 voted in an anti-agriculture Agriculture Commissioner.

    Full blown feminist socialist.

    In Florida, the Ag Com is also the head of the department that handles… concealed weapons permits.

    To further the stupidity, this last election the stupids voted in $15/hr min wage. Yeah.

    Going up I-75 north of Gainesville but before Lake City used to be a huge ranch and farm, now covered in Solar. We have some of the most productive land in the US of A and some lackwit covered it in solar panels.

    Further reports of 'Teh Stupid' as it occurs.

    Nowhere is safe. NOWHERE!

    1. There's a solar farm on a country road in east Texas. I'm waiting for'Tornado Alley' to live up to it's name. There's been 5 good sized tornados within 20 miles of their location in the last 11 years… One was a couple miles up the road from the place.
      That solar farm ain't gonna fare well if an F3 comes through there again.

  2. "It looks as if Pelosi and her coven are planning to ram gun control legislation through as quickly as they can, despite the fact that most Americans don't agree with it. They don't care about that."

    Why would anyone think that they care even the slightest about what most Americans think? Think back to the TARP bailout; the public was overwhelmingly against it, but it went through anyway. Societies are run by their elites, they've just sometimes allowed the peasantry to think that it has some miniscule level of worth.

  3. 1) That potluck is coming.
    2) It will be both catered, and take out.
    3) Portions will be "All the lead you can eat".
    4) Those being served will have no say in how many portions they'll get, but they will finish everything on their plate.

    Bon appetít, communist pigs.

  4. And BTW, CO cattle producers should take a page from Ronnie Barrett, and announce they'll boycott Gov. Wasteofskin, and cut off anyone statewide who sells or delivers meat to him, from any source.

    A couple of vegan-only state salad dinners, and the funny will wear right the heck off, and the point will be driven home in proper style: roasted, on a spit.

  5. people like Bill Gates and the Communist Chinese want to buy up farmland and/or turn it into "Levittown" housing for all the "immigrants" that'll be arriving by the millions

  6. My friends and relatives in Moffat County, where the wolves will be introduced, have already put in place a 3-S plan. The native wolves were a much smaller sub-species than the planned introduction of Canadian wolves.

    As for Emperor Polis, a campaign rally he held in Moffat County two years ago drew 12 participants.

  7. I wish these idiots could be made to understand that four fifths of the world’s agricultural land is suitable only for grazing! Maybe they should encourage more small farmers to produce livestock and beat the argument about corporate agriculture’s alleged animal cruelty.

  8. Vegans are Idiots. How much diesel does it take to till plant and harvest plus the millions in equipment for fake burgers? Real beef, just let them eat the grass.

  9. "Meat Out Day" sounds like an excellent excuse to have a barbeque outside the office of your local representative etc, and invite the media along for the fun.

  10. Fred:
    Commercial solar panels are tougher than you would think. I've seen used ones that some RV'ers are mounting on their rigs, that are rated to handle 3inch hailstones. That a fairly good armored roof for them, if they do full coverage.

  11. You didn't include an address.

    I'd actually find my way from CLE to Colorado for THAT feast.

    Night Driver

  12. Eastern Colorado, in particular, is domain to both cattle ranchers and those who raise quarter-horses (in addition to the wheat farmers)
    …and let's not forget big on hunters and true-blue cowboys as well.
    One wonders how a lot of THEM feel about this current governor of theirs.

  13. The problem with those-in-charge is the ever-increasing irreconcilable attitudes and nature of so many of them—their inability to think outside the suburban/"trophy" offspring/"trust-fund" "basement dweller" vacuum they've been born and raised in.
    They seem not able to conceive what it's like to live any other way than what they've known all their lives, impairing their aptitude for deduction when it comes to understanding what the lifestyles and experiences of the "others" must be like.
    Living an existence or life different than that of the demographics they're best acquainted with probably makes one look a bit "alien" to these "leaders" (so-called). The "in-charge" just can't wrap their heads around any of the idiosyncrasies and nuances of anyone not of "their type".

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