1. Reminds me of that scene in Back to the Future III with Doc in the bar talking about the future and people running for "fun". 🙂

  2. Right ? You may as well take up yard work as a work out and get something out of it. Paying a fee for using a facility to work up a sweat is a 1st World Problem indeed.

  3. Both my surgeon and my physical therapist emphasized that work is not excercise.
    it seems that while pain is a wonderful teacher I am a poor student.

  4. Somewhat on/off topic, the place I used to work with would give interest free 'loans' for sports and exercise equipment for employee health benefits.

    Yoga equipment, weights, stupid machines that take up space and don't get used, all that was okay. Fencing equipment was okay.

    Hard martial arts stuff, like kung-fu equipment or body armor (for Historical European Martial Arts) wasn't allowed because those activities weren't 'sports' or 'exercise.' Huh? So, an hour a day of practice sword work, stance control, and three days of donning heavy-assed armor and beating(and getting beat) the crap out of your friends and complete strangers wasn't exercise?

    Fie on all their houses…

  5. I keep thinking I need to open a crossfit gym.

    Drive this t post in the ground! Great, now carry that spool of barbed wire over here, hustle! Now attach it to the t post, and carry the spool off that way. Yeah, great.

    I'll even let people come to the gym for free.

  6. Yeah, just what IS all that work-out and jogging ritual fare?
    How healthy you are and how long you live is all subjective anyway.

  7. Coming from a martial arts background I've never understood lifting weights for the sake of lifting even heavier weights. You're learning nothing. It's sadly amusing. People here are pretty arrogant about their guns. Well, lifting weights and not learning how to use your body and your strength and insights of body language for defense or offense if necessary is like buying a lot of guns and hanging them on the wall as decorations and bragging about it. Simply silly.

  8. Once upon a time – when The World Was Young…and I was kinda-youngish in it – I worked in the same place as a gent who – in an earlier life-"configuration" – had been a street-cop (working the Vice Squad dealie, primarily) in inner-City Detroit. One afternoon, while we were doing a moderately-heavy-duty workout-series at a fairly serious (but mostly-nice) gym, he averred the view that both he AND his then-current spouse shared was that, in truth, regular gym-based exercising really didn't prolong one's life, it just "made it seem longer, overall…"

    Upon some sober reflection, I decided that that was undoubtedly correct, on the whole…

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