Ukraine as a deliberate distraction from the COVID-19 nightmare


It’s been suggested that the whole Ukrainian imbroglio is nothing but an engineered distraction, to take people’s attention away from what can only be described as the unfolding disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic and the way it’s been mishandled.  James Howard Kunstler sets the scene.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

America — indeed the whole world — has awakened to the apparent reality that mass vaccination is killing off a lot of people before their time. The news is out, coming not from the public health bureaucracy but from such unexpected sources as actuaries in the insurance industry who collate quarterly death rates and morticians observing unusual morbid oddities in the bodies they prepare for burial. This comes at the very same time as reports that the CDC deliberately falsified Covid-19 death and injury statistics, both for the disease itself and for the mRNA “vaccines.” The FDA is also implicated in approving falsified “vaccine” trial data. One result of all that is the crash of Moderna and Pfizer stocks, as the geniuses on Wall Street suss out the mountain range of litigation that looms in the distance.

But they must know — and hundreds of appointed and elected officials must know — that the blowback from Covid-19 doesn’t stop with mere civil lawsuits but extends to criminal cases of supreme consequence: deliberate mass murder, extending to the highest levels of officialdom in many countries. To this day the CDC and state health departments are pushing “vaccines,” despite massive mounting evidence that the shots cause organ damage and mess up immune systems at a rate, and to a degree, astronomically above any previous vaccines. They must know that the official standard-of-care using remdesivir and intubation was overwhelmingly likely to kill hospital in-patients. They must know that early treatment protocols using cheap off-label drugs were highly effective and that banning early treatment — to maintain Emergency Use Authorization for killer “vaccines” — amounted to mass homicide.

It will get harder and harder to ignore widespread untimely death going forward as the “vaccines” work their vicious hoodoo on the boosted population, and even the most obdurately spellbound “vaccine” cheerleaders will have to endure such surges of cognitive dissonance that heads are sure to explode. So, the Ukraine invasion was the best means at hand to cover-up all that, and the longer the US government can feed that monster, and keep it going, the more they can shift the focus off the monumental frauds and homicides they carried out and will be criminally liable for.

There’s more at the link.

In case you missed it, this is a growing story that’s unfolding in many countries around the globe, not just the USA.

Funeral Directors and Embalmers Alarmed By Freakishly Large Blood Clots Clogging Veins in Vaccinated Bodies

Board-certified funeral directors and embalmers are coming forward to tell tales of horror featuring vaccinated bodies with veins and arteries clogged with strange, rubbery, worm-like clots.

Richard Hirschman, a funeral director and embalmer from Alabama, with over twenty years of experience in the field, has said in recent interviews that he had never seen anything like it until around the middle of 2021, after the mass injections of the experimental COVID vaccines began. He says his colleagues in the field are seeing the same thing, and the numbers are increasing.

Earlier this month, Hirschman told Steve Kirsch, the Executive Director of the Vaccine Research Center, that in Jan 2022, 37 out of 57 bodies (65 percent) had these suspicious clots.

Prior to the vaccines, Hirschman said blood clots in patients who died of COVID were seen, but they appeared to be more typical, and not in the alarming numbers he’s seeing now.

Since Hirschman has gone public, Cary D. Watkins, a colleague from Alabama with over 50 years experience as a funeral director and embalmer, has come forward to corroborate his story, and Anna Foster, an embalmer from Missouri with 11 years of experience, has revealed in an interview that 93 percent of her last 30 cases died due to unusual clots completely filling their vascular systems.

Funeral director John O’Looney of Milton Keynes, England, is also blowing the whistle on the alarming increase in number of thrombosis deaths. O’Looney said in an interview that it’s not just “a two or three-fold increase—it’s around a 500 or 600 percent increase,” and nine out of ten of these cases were vaccinated.

“I’ve got doctors and police ringing me, nurses ringing me, all saying the same thing. It’s a total lie. On our media, they are saying the hospitals are full of the non-vaccinated. That’s a total fabrication. It’s the polar opposite. Nine out of ten patients in there, full of blood clots, are the vaccinated. I’ve heard that from so many professionals that I’ve lost count. So, whether you choose to believe it or not, it makes it no worse. That is the truth. That is the reality. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink,” O’Looney said in an interview late last month.

Hirschman told the Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz on his Conservative Review podcast Wednesday, that he was hesitant to come forward because any information that questions the government’s pro-vaccine narrative gets mocked and ridiculed, and his reputation could suffer.

But as Kirsch pointed out, there is no other explanation for what is happening.

“It pretty much has to be a novel injectable product, first used in 2021 that results in blood clots and is injected into well over 50 percent of the population. There is only one drug that fits that bill: the COVID vaccines,” he wrote on his Substack.

Again, more at the link.

That article came out on February 17th.  Two days later, guess what?  We read this headline:

“Everyone is at Risk for Blood Clots!” – CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in “The Healthiest Athletes”

Last February 10, the CDC issued a warning normalizing the idea that young adults and healthy athletes develop blood clots.

Of course, no one has ever heard of this frequent phenomenon before the COVID vaccines … The CDC failed to mention on their website the COVID-19 vaccines as one of the factors that can increase this risk.

. . .

Last year, a stunning new study that was conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), has concluded that the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine increases the risk of developing a rare and deadly blood clotting condition in the brain.

A study by Oxford University early last year also revealed that the number of people who developed blood clots after getting vaccinated was about the same for those who get Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as they are for the AstraZeneca, Market Watch reported.

Following CDC’s caution, Pfizer has issued a public warning about “deep vein thrombosis” or blood clots in the vein on February 14.

More at the link.

I have no idea whether the Ukraine war is a deliberately engineered distraction, to take our attention away from the unfolding COVID-19 disaster – one that threatens the long-term survivability of those who’ve been vaccinated against the disease, and may substantially reduce the world’s population if things get worse (something devoutly wished for by many neo-globalists).  However, if it wasn’t deliberately engineered for that purpose, it’ll do very nicely until something else comes along.

The more I read about the side effects and long-term health impact of the vaccines, the more grateful I am that my wife and I have so far been able to avoid them.  As for those who pushed them on us, from politicians to community organizers to faith leaders . . . a pox on the lot of them.  Let them be anathema to all right-thinking people, and let them bear the consequences and the opprobrium of their knee-jerk collaboration with the powers that be.  As far as I’m concerned, if it can be proved that anyone knew in advance about these likely side-effects, yet still pushed for vaccination and/or inappropriate treatment, then the death penalty for all concerned will not be too strong a punishment.  It’ll fit the crime, after all.


(EDITED TO ADD:  As if on cue, here’s a headline from a UK source:

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England

Makes you think, doesn’t it?)


  1. I doubt the Ukraine mess was deliberately engineered to distract from the covid mess.

    But that doesn't mean they won't use it for that. Multi-purposing it. That "never let a crisis go to waste" thing is used a lot by the current power-wielders.

    For the record, I think the Ukraine mess is a classic result of our flawed liberal hegemony-style foreign policy. It was predicted years ago. It's based on a naive worldview that the US has pursued ever since the fall of the Soviet Union..

  2. I will disagree with @ruralcounsel:

    "I doubt the Ukraine mess was deliberately engineered to distract from the covid mess."

    Remember, NATO promised to not expand towards Russia. From an article dated December 21, 2021, Biden functionally told Ukraine – sub rosa – that NATO would let them in if they applied. The warnings had been stated by Russia for years on that.

    The warning signs have also been increasingly clear on the Jab being dangerous. Awareness is spreading. A new FDA/Pfizer trial data dump has just been made and IMHO analysis will show it's damning.

    Cue up a war to distract the sheeple. Meanwhile, go get your booster. /sarc

  3. Obama and the Biden administration has been trying to pick off former USSR countries for a while now. Color revolutions in Ukraine in 2014, and attempts at Belarus an Kazakhstan.

    I think Putin had had enough of it.

  4. Couple points.

    1. Recall the mass formation theory, that Covidiots are basically suffering from hypnosis and mass hysteria from government media manipulations. The theory holds that people can be further manipulated into other obsessions because they cannot bear the thought of giving up their illness and returning to their barren, empty lives before. So this Ukraine war smells like another play by the DC gangsters to keep the Covidiots in thrall, shifting them to a new obsession.

    2. This doesn't mean that Ukraine war isn't real per se. It could be a both/ and rather than either/ or. We all recognize that it's been the policy of the Deep State and gangsters in dc to destabilize Russia since the 1990s. Prevent anyone from dominating Eurasia etc… Plus, it's indisputable that the DC gangsters have turned Ukraine into their personal money laundering machine so let's dispense w Ukraine as some innocent democracy. It is an installed regime since 2014 just like ours is since 2020. We've all seen that the Scamdemic has been falling apart since last Fall so it's only sense that DC gangsters needed a new hysteria. What do you know? By December they were pushing hard on NATO membership for Ukraine and plans to send increasing military supplies. Iow, bait the Bear until it either attacks or allows Ukraine to be one big US military base. So Putin attacked, the only rational course.

  5. If I remember correctly, wasn't congress critters and their staff exempt from the mandatory jab they tried to implement? If that doesn't tell you that at least some of the government leaders are aware of the dangers, then you have your head buried where the sun don't shine.

    1. Concho. Believe congress and staff were nearly all given ivermectin just before they banned it.

  6. Wag the dog isn't just a movie title.
    But avalanches, once started, are hard to control and impossible to stop, until everything reaches equilibrium.

    They certainly deliberately pushed the Ukrainian avalanche, but that won't stop the COVID avalanche to come. That UK report was just pebbles shifting ahead of the bigger rocks breaking free, and starting their downhill tumble.

    Gravity works.
    And with a relentlessness and inevitability that makes rust near the seaside seem like sloth.

  7. Just an anecdote, but:

    At the urging of my daughters I got vaccinated some months ago.
    In December I wound up in the hospital, very ill, and after extensive tests they identified the problem as blood clots in my lungs.
    In my 74 years I have never had blood clot problems before, even after surgeries that left me bedridden for days.

    For some reason I am disinclined to take the booster shot.

  8. I speculated a few days ago that Putin's apparent shift from smart, rational, and evil to stupid, crazy, and evil could be the result of brain damage caused by (ahem) "a certain protein" – whether from infection or injection, I have no clue.
    If he's really gone full delusional about reuniting the Russian Empire… remember, Alaska was once part of that Empire.

  9. If you got the vaccine, I suggest you take a daily aspirin. Cheap and available (so far), it may keep you alive.

  10. tweell: Way ahead of you on this one. Didn't rush to get "vaccinated", and after due deliberation decided it was not a great idea, but…
    Almost two years ago, when symptoms of the virus itself started coming to light, I went back to taking a daily baby aspirin. Just in case. And, a bit later, I stocked up on regular adult-sized doses of a certain miracle drug alleged to be useful in preventing blood clots as well as treating fever and inflammation – old marketing slogan was "Take two _______ and call me in the morning."

  11. I've written before, in angry rants, that the whole covid thing is the single greatest crime ever perpetuated on this planet. The virus was deliberately created to kill. The record of vaccines against covid viruses has always proved that they were worse than the virus itself. This is a war crime, and those responsible should hang. Every last one of them.

    As a side note: I have a brother who is living ex-pat in Thailand. In Thailand you can be fined heavily for showing an unmasked face in public. Of course, he had to get the jabs before being allowed on an airliner for a visit home. I got a note from him yesterday. Guess what? He's got the coof.

    And, as a side note to a side note: He never heard of Ivermectin. He doesn't seem interested. Same with almost everyone I know. I'm amazed at the number of people who never even heard of it. I tell them I'm following the regimen that Ann Barnhardt recommends, and they look at me like I've been going to a witch doctor. I won't take the jab. My wife did, and it worries the hell out of me.


  12. I don't know about deliberate war as a distraction. I have opinions about the vaccine that are not relevant here. However, I find the following sequence curious in the extreme:

    Then Presudent Trump invokes embargoes of Chinese products to force them to renegotiate trade agreements.

    Suddenly Covid-19 arrives on scene which we now strongly suspect came from a poorly secured Chinese bio-research facility.

    The deep state swings into action distracting us with multiple impeachment attempts whole the threat escalates undetected.


    I'm leaving now; I'm late for a fitting of my new tin foil hat.

  13. 2ABill: You want tinfoil? Here's some tinfoil material, straight from my not-yet-awake, uncaffeinated brain.
    Notice how many people are quick to jump on the War bandwagon? A country whose name I've heard before attacked some country of something whose name I'd never heard before! We must send troops, or at least the Air Force! Someone (who isn't me) must go fight!
    It's like someone flipped the War switch. I keep thinking of the War! scene from Duck Soup.
    Happy, employed, socially-connected people don't ordinarily react that way, do they? Like, they have better things to do, and much to lose should war break out?
    Was the Pestilence (or, rather, the response thereto) intended to pave the way for War (and Famine)?

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