“Ukrainian” refugees at our southern border – are they really Ukrainian?


Last month I reported that a number of allegedly Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland were very obviously not Ukrainian at all, but Indian and Pakistani in origin.  Furthermore, they were clearly not refugees from a crisis, but economic migrants.  In a report about the same time, Summit News observed:

According to a report by German newspaper Bild, “someone is making a fortune” out of giving non-Ukrainian economic migrants fake Ukrainian passports so they can slip into western Europe and get free welfare.

. . .

Bild cited a police source who said the overwhelming majority of the “refugees” were from the Sinti and Roma ethnic groups and that, “Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees.”

“They have brand-new Ukrainian passports, which are also real. Someone in Ukraine is making a fortune right now,” the newspaper quoted the police representative as saying.

. . .

The reality of the situation is clear; Economic migrants from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia are cynically exploiting the Ukrainian refugee wave to abuse the system and get free accommodation and welfare in European countries with poor vetting systems.

This comes at the expense of genuine Ukrainian refugees who need urgent help.

There’s more at the link.

Now comes news that thousands of “Ukrainian refugees” are lining up at our border with Mexico, seeking refugee status in the USA.

More than 2,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in [Tijuana, Mexico] and the pace continues to grow every day with hundreds of new arrivals as the U.S. government speeds up processing to admit Ukrainians under humanitarian parole.

President Joe Biden said the U.S. would admit 100,000 Ukrainian refugees into the country.

. . .

Nearly all flights coming from Mexico’s other large airports with international connections to Europe land in Tijuana with dozens of Ukrainians on board as word of mouth spreads about the ease with which refugees can enter the United States.

. . .

After they arrive in Tijuana, Ukrainians have a much easier path to the U.S. than thousands of other asylum seekers living and waiting in Tijuana. They spend an average of two to three days before U.S. border officials process them at San Ysidro.

Customs and Border Protection in San Diego declined to answer how many Ukrainians they have processed at San Ysidro in recent weeks. They deferred to their website tracking monthly statistics, but the agency has not yet posted March’s numbers.

Again, more at the link.

I have a few questions:

  1. How many of those “Ukrainian refugees” are carrying brand-new passports like the fake “refugees” encountered in Europe?
  2. Do the bearers look like Ukrainians, or like other nationalities or races?
  3. Do they speak and understand written and spoken Ukrainian?
  4. Can they account for their birthplaces, their journey, etc.?
  5. How did they pay for a flight from Europe to Mexico, and thence onward to Tijuana?  I thought most refugees crossed the border with only what they could carry on their persons.  Where did the money come from?
  6. Who’s meeting them?  Which organization(s) is/are providing for them?  Who’s funding that?

I think the answers might make interesting reading.  What say you, readers?

I have no problem helping genuine refugees – but I want to make sure they really are refugees from war, not economic migrants or from somewhere else entirely.



  1. "Do they speak and understand written and spoken Ukrainian?"

    This should work even for Russian-speaking Ukrainians; as I understand it, most of the Russian speakers can make reasonable sense of Ukrainian.

    But… is there anyone in our government qualified to administer such a test? Cast your mind back to Hillary's "overload button" incident, in which the best and brightest didn't even notice that the button was marked in the wrong alphabet.

    1. There is a large Ukrainian population in the NE. Also, Russian can be used. They are similar languages and most Ukrainians speak it as either a 1st or 2nd lanaguage.

      The person administering the test doesn't even need to know either, at least for the written one. Show a sentence in Cyrillic and have them write a translation – match it to the pre printed translation and make it a pass fail.

  2. The reality is more likely that the Biden Human Trafficking Division needs some white meat to distribute to their "sniffer" customers.
    I would look to see if Hunter has lost another laptop.

  3. I don't think this administration cares if they are real or not and intends to do nothing about the situation, the same way they are doing nothing about existing border problems.

  4. I never once encountered a native-born native English-speaking American in the immigration process from day one to the day my wife became a citizen years later.
    To say that ICE can't come up with Ukrainian speakers for testing purposes is a load of manure. They can. In bulk.

    But can you imagine the absolute STINK if someone refused, say, a gypsy with a recently-purchased Ukrainian passport? Gypsies are VERY good at exploiting bureaucratic institutions for fun and profit. Said folks would be on the local news within 90 minutes working up some tears.
    We all know it's fake, and absolutely people are making money hand over fist cranking out passports for fun and profit.

    I bought a merchant marine 1st officer's license for $220 bucks at the Honduran embassy in Boston back in I think 1992. I was 18. A more valuable Panamanian unlimited master's ticket was over $500 down the street at their place, but I didn't have the cash. I can't see passports being harder to acquire if you know the right person.

  5. The money part is easy. You'd be amazed by how much cash a person can carry, and with a little finagling you can use a debit/ATM card anywhere in the world.

  6. We're being replaced.
    They aren't even bothering to hide it any more.

    The bloodletting is going to be epic, one way or the other.
    Rivers of blood, and mountains of skulls.
    And that may be over-optimistic.
    It might be even worse than that.

  7. Frankly – speaking as german nativ speaker – if the "Bild" claims in an article that the sun raises in the east, i would get up a 0500h to check that report ..

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