An unashamed bleg for a friend

When I visited Alaska on several occasions over the past couple of years, Miss D.‘s friends Jeannie and her husband were gracious hosts and good friends. (They allowed her to stay rent-free for almost a year with them, spread over two lengthy visits, to restore her aircraft and get it ready to fly down to Tennessee. Wonderful generosity!)

Miss D. advises that Jeannie has now launched a small business with her needlework and sewing. Jeannie’s certainly very talented, as you can see at her blog, where she’s put up illustrations of work she has for sale – at what look to my untutored eye to be remarkably low prices. Here’s one of her cushions as an example of her craftsmanship.

If any of my readers are interested in, and looking for, the kind of sewn work Jeannie does so well, please visit her blog and take a look at what she has to offer. Her contact information is listed there. (And no, she’s not paying me to write about her – she’s a friend, whom I’d like to help.)


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