Unbridled immigration may destroy America as we know it

I’m an immigrant myself (a legal one), yet I’m forced to agree that the sort of almost unfettered immigration (legal and illegal) that both Republicans and Democrats have encouraged and fostered over the past two and a half decades may be the single biggest threat facing the USA in the long run.  That’s because of the cumulative burden it will place on our infrastructure and institutions.  It’s why President Trump is right to want to get rid of all illegal aliens within our borders – and why he hasn’t yet gone far enough, in that he hasn’t sought to cut back on legal immigration as well.

Readers may remember this presentation, which I put up some years ago, about how the USA cannot solve the problems of the Third World by allowing more immigration from those countries.  I recommend watching it, and the following video clip, in full-screen mode for maximum impact.

Here’s the same man, showing us what immigration will do to this country over the rest of this century – unless we do something about it.

Scary, isn’t it? – yet his numbers are direct from the US Census Bureau and other authorities.  They’re official figures, not made-up statistics. What’s more, both presentations date from 2010. The situation has grown much worse since then, particularly because the Obama administration turned a blind eye to millions upon millions of illegal aliens pouring over our southern border.

It may seem odd that I, an immigrant, am encouraging a harder line on immigration;  but I’ve assimilated.  I’ll always be grateful to this country for giving me the opportunity to make a fresh start, after many years of conflict.  My perspective isn’t based on an attitude of “I’ve got mine, Jack – you’re on your own!”  It’s as an American, even if by adoption, that I say, in all honesty and sincerity, that we need to encourage President Trump and our legislators to get serious, both about kicking out illegal aliens, and cutting back on legal immigration.  The survival of our country as we know it is, quite literally, at stake.



  1. This is Teddy Kennedy's legacy:

    Among those who disliked Kennedy the most, there has been a sense that Ted Kennedy fundamentally distrusted and disliked the citizens of this country. The line of thinking is something like this: Even though the majority of these citizens had elected his brother President, and appeared likely to elect another brother to the office, Ted Kennedy wanted a different citizenry. Perhaps there was a sub-conscious hatred for the overall American people because of the assassinations (although one assassin was a foreigner and the other had tried to emigrate to the Soviet Union). Perhaps he had some Irish immigrant chips on his shoulder about WASPS disrespecting his family. If he disliked the balance of power among the citizens of this country, wildly increasing immigration levels could largely shift the balance of political power and ideology in the country.

    To whatever extent any of that was true, Kennedy's immigration policies certainly "elected a new citizenry." This country now has more than 50 million natives of other countries and their children. In a country of 300 million, that is an incredible influence on every aspect of our political and social and economic lives, don't you think.

    Most of those 50 million are here as a result of the policies Kennedy put in place.

    Among people with a softer and perhaps more human view, Kennedy simply paid no attention to the consequences of his immigration policies. This line of thinking is something like this: Even if he had paid attention to the consequences, his commitment to high immigration was so great, there was no way he could have pulled back.

    Back in Boston last week, I gave my dinner companion those two big choices. Even though he is 100% against Kennedy's immigration policies and largely in opposition to other Kennedy positions, this acquaintance since childhood of Ted Kennedy and his family told me he cannot believe the Senator had a grand plan to radically change America.

    "He's not smart enough for that," the acquaintance said. "But he has such a big heart." Kennedy's romanticism, sentimentalism and idealism were such that once he began to receive accolades from certain communities for his work on immigration, there was just no way he was ever going to stop, the acquaintance said.

    He also said that he believes that, despite all the liberal veneer, Kennedy was deeply beholden to the country's banking titans and other globalist business entities who have so much interest in the free flow of international labor and in keeping the wages of Americans stagnant. (This was given credibility later when Kennedy was lauded for the great work he did to help the high-tech industry of Massachusetts to hire foreign computer programmers.)

  2. Sorry Peter, but starting with the hordes of Irish and Germans in the 1840's, all immigration has been bad for America.

    Ted Kennedy was a bit of a dupe for the man who did want to change America, Emanuel Celler. Celler spent 40 years trying to open the doors to the United States even wider. He succeeded in 1965.

    That idiotic Lazarus poem should be jackhammered off the Statue of Liberty and tossed into the ocean.

  3. Peter?

    Methinks a better policy is to be a sane nation and *pick* who gets to immigrate.

    With a Fertility Rate (lifetime offspring per woman) south of "2" we need all the
    immigrants who wish to assimilate that we can get.

  4. We could more easily afford unbridled immigration if our's school's curriculum and the teachers themselves actually promoted, rather than subverted, American culture and values.

    As far as I can tell, a huge percentage of the educational establishment really longs for Pol Pot's Killing Fields, with them in charge. Failing that, they're trying to co-opt every student who passes through their classrooms.

  5. The real problem, right now, is that the majority of the recent immigrants aren't assimilable white Christians. When immigrants came from northwestern Europe, they had the cultural heritage to be able and willing to assimilate and become Americans. Africans, Muslims, and Mexicans have no intention of assimilating, and lack a close cultural context to start from.

  6. Diversity + Proximity = War. Anyone who is paying attention knows there's already a low intensity race war going on in the U.S.. Whitey by in large is desperately trying to ignore it and the media/state is desperately trying to hide it but it's happening.

    I know places in what the rest of the nation thinks of as lilly white midwest where neighborhoods are now no-go areas for even police due to blacks from Chicago and other areas taking up residence. I know of public parks that are so overrun with mexicans and other central americans a white person can't go there safely and the DNR doesn't even attempt to enforce fish and game laws or even park rules like littering, no booze parties, not driving on the grass etc..

    The town I spent much of my youth in, population around 12k, had an influx of urban refugees and even back in the mid 90s was beginning to have gang issues and drive by shootings. Now it's worse with truly dangerous neighborhoods, graffiti, gangs and skyrocketing theft and property crime. Even back in the late 80s people didn't lock their doors and your wife or kids could walk anywhere in the town night or day without a care. One only needs to look at the demographic changes to understand why it's not that way any more. Last time I was there I noticed 3 new housing developments going up. Did some checking and they're going to be essentially gated communities. Seems that developers found that white people are no longer willing to invest in a house in town proper because once the neighborhood or one nearby gets culturally enriched their property values plummet and crime skyrockets.

  7. We need comprehensive immigration reform. Ending the diversity lottery in imperative. We also need to reduce Legal immigration by 50%. It has gotten out of control. During the 1970s we accepted 400,000 legal immigrants per year. The 1990 Immigration Act increased Legal immigration by 100% , created the diversity lottery and the H1b Visa, Legal Immigration soon soared to 900,000 per year by 1995. Since 1997 we have allowed 21 million legal immigrants to move to America. This is insane, needs to end.

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