Uncomfortably true…


From Stephan Pastis, who has an almost infallible gift for putting his finger on the pulse of current events and portraying them with humor.  Click the image to be taken to a larger view at the ‘Pearls Before Swine’ Web page.

Sadly, it looks like the partisanship plague has now claimed Canada, too, and much of Europe as well.  I do wish we could get back to the days when we might disagree with each other, but we were still willing to talk and work with each other for the good of our country.  Sadly, those days appear to be not only long gone, but even further from coming back.




  1. The oar is already being used against Christians in both Canada and the US. It isn't a matter of working together, it is a matter of following the Bible's teachings in how we run our churches, government, business and families.

    Folks have forgotten that there are three spheres of authority: The church, the government and the family. All of them have some overlapping areas, but the government may not tell the church how and when to worship.

    The past two years have shown just how little Christians and Americans in general know about the Bible and our constitutional republic.

  2. For the past fifty years or longer the phrase "for the good of our country" has been supplanted with "for the good of the Progressive agenda". Only they still say the former while doing the latter. The partisanship is, in part, driven by the recognition that our country is slowly being destroyed as a Constitutional Republic of the people and our children are slowly being indoctrinated into the idea that this is a good thing.

  3. People who believe in God or Gods and Family cannot and should not cooperate with Drag Queen Story Hour or other such inversion and wickedness.

    As such there can be no "good of the country" as there is no moral foundation.

  4. What is shown in the comic is a feature, not a bug. Our issue is that the "Republician"or Conservative side started paddling weakly and often helping the opposite members. Our government was designed to be small and limited. They were not supposed to pass legislation at the rate they do or claim the powers they do. That contention was meant to save the people from the politicians

  5. where there is money there the vultures will gather
    it was ever thus
    that is why lust for money is the root of evil
    those who are lustiest run for public office

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