Unloaded and exhausted

With the help of a couple of hired hands, we unloaded the truck this morning.  The garage is full of boxes, but they’ll be sorted into their places in the house at our leisure.  The living-room’s stuffed with empty bookcases and boxes of books (39 of them), and the cat tree has been set up in front of a south-facing window (outside which we’ll probably set a bird feeder, to give the kitten some live entertainment).  The mattress is regaining its shape on the floor, and we’ll reassemble the base on Tuesday.

At Old NFO‘s suggestion, Miss D. and I will take a holiday tomorrow.  After all the hassle of final packing, loading the truck and driving down, we’re really tired.  A good rest before starting to settle into our new home sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  We’ll continue to use NFO’s guest room for the nonce.

The house looks lovely.  Our friends (Lawdog, Phlegmmy, NFO and a couple of their friends whom I expect will soon be ours as well) did a superb job installing our new laminate flooring, which looks even better than we expected.  My ‘man-cave’ has been nicely converted from its old status as a badly partitioned, smelly former outside porch, and will be a very comfortable office for me when I finish setting it up.  All in all, I think we’ll be happy in our new home.

I’ll post once or twice tomorrow, and get back to a more regular blogging schedule after our Internet service has been installed (which is scheduled for tomorrow sometime).



  1. And don't forget to fill out the paperwork to get your new, fresh $25K homestead exemption. But since you are disabled, it might be more. Laws changed last month.

    Welcome home!

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