URGENT – Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury needs our help (UPDATED)


Mike Hendrix, who blogs at Cold Fury, has been admitted to hospital with a case of poisoning that’s turned into a SERIOUS, potentially deadly infection.  I’ll let fellow blogger Big Country Expat (a.k.a. The Intrepid Reporter) explain, from a post he left at Cold Fury, where he’s also one of the contributors.

I just got word that my brother-from-another-mother Mike Hendrix, late of the famed rockabilly band The Belmont Playboys and more recently of the Blog “Cold Fury”, has gotten seriously hemmed up medically speaking. Last Thursday after a slightly prolonged absence from his blog, I reached out to him to find out WTF was going on and I heard back that he’d come down with a nasty case of food poisoning.

Since then, apparently something faaar MOR serious happened.

His brother (actual) Jeff called me tonight as I left one of my more ‘colorful messages’ on his phone (in possession currently by his sainted lil ole Lady Mom) who apparently when she recovered from my diatribe, had Jeff call me to fill me in on whats up.

Essentially Mike’s seriously ****** up.

Food Poisoning turned out to be a MAD infection. His diabeetus didn’t help the issue, so they had to lop off his foot, then his leg, as the infection was/is spreading. They’re fixin’ to make it even MOR stumpy as the infection still isn’t under control. He’s in critical/ICU level condition, but NOT COVID related thank the Gods.

So, My brother-from-another-mother, henceforth now known as “Peg-Leg Mikey” is gonna have some serious medical bills and life altering needs.

There’s more at the link.  It sounds very serious indeed:  if they’ve amputated part of his leg twice, and are considering a third round, that probably means he’s been fighting off (or failing to fight off) gangrene.  That’s really bad news.

You’ll find a fundraiser for Mike at this link.  If you’ve enjoyed his writing at Cold Fury, please consider donating to his support.  I’ve done so, and I’m passing the word on behalf of BCE.  Mike’s one of the (very) good guys, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the help, as will his family.

Thanks in advance.


EDITED TO ADD, ON THURSDAY EVENING:  BCE has posted an update about Mike’s condition on his blog.  He’s still in a bad way, but appears to be holding his own.  A big “Thank you!” to everyone who’s donated so far.


  1. Peter:
    You f'n ROCK sir… I just stopped in to ask you to spread the woid.
    Maaaaaan, dis here, brings a spark of warmth to that cold dead chunk of flesh that used to be a heart.
    Many Thanks Brotherman!

  2. Thanks for the info. Gangrene is really nasty, especially for a diabetic. I was lucky and only lost one toe. Thankfully the meds stopped it before the whole foot would have had to go.

    Sounds like Mike is in for a really rough ride since they aren't having much luck stopping the sepsis.

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