Useful information for urban conflict situations

A few snippets of useful information have come my way over the past few days.  I thought you might find them helpful as well.

First, courtesy of Old NFO, here’s a short video showing how difficult it is for police to make a shoot/don’t-shoot decision.  If you get stopped by police for any reason, please think about that, and don’t give them any surprises!

Next, Greg Ellifritz (whom we’ve met in these pages before) offers some good advice on ‘Surviving Mob Attacks on Your Vehicle‘.  It’s an interesting article, and well worth reading in full.  In it, he refers to a video titled ‘Using Your Car To Escape A Mob‘.  That, too, is worth watching in full.  (I’m afraid I can’t embed it here, but you’ll find it at the link.



  1. That is a great video sir. I'm not a police officer and can understand how mistakes can be made. This video illustrates that well.

  2. It seems to me that a prudent person, unexpectedly immersed in a police/citizen interaction, has only one survivable course of action: de-escalate by cooperating clearly with the armed and vigilant cop.


  3. Even before the "let's race" portion of that video, I'd already backed it up and re-watched, with my hand pointing at the screen as if I was holding a gun, and I *KNEW* the guy was going for a gun…and I still couldn't "pull the trigger" before he did. And I *KNEW* it was coming.

    A cop in the midst of a traffic stop wouldn't.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again – if you don't want to get shot by a cop, do what you're told, don't surprise him, don't make sudden moves. They're *all* on edge, these days – and even if you're white, driving a nice car, and sober, they'll still be very, very cautious.

    Don't give 'em a reason to shoot you, and you won't get shot.

    And, let's remember… unarmed doesn't mean helpless or not dangerous, by any means.

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