A useful Web site for air travelers

Flight Global has just announced the winners of the 2011 Aviation Web Awards (also known as the Webbies). Among the winners was Change Your Flight, a Web site that offers to help those with non-refundable airline tickets to get at least some of their money back.

The site describes its function as follows:

If you have a ticket that you are not going to use, ChangeYourFlight tries to get you part of your money back. Changeyourflight.com is a platform that allows you to make a partial Refund Request on plane tickets, aggregate it with many others, interact automatically with the airline and offer you the chance to recover part of the money. If you change your mind, we change your flight for an airline discount voucher! It’s a free of charge service open to all passengers.

There’s more information at the site’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

Having been stuck in the past with prepaid air tickets that I couldn’t use for one reason or another, and having lost money on the deal, this looks like it may be very useful, particularly as more airlines (hopefully) decide to participate. Air travelers may find it worth bookmarking for future reference.


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