Vegans tackle cowboys – and lose

It seems cowboys, or gauchos as they’re known there, are still common in parts of Argentina, and they enjoy a rodeo as much as their American counterparts.  Therefore, when vegan protesters tried to shut down a rodeo in that country, the gauchos were not amused – and showed it with whips and spurs!

The next time moonbat protesters try to shut down a freeway or an Interstate highway in this country, I think we should hire those gauchos to deal with them – preferably broadcasting it live on TV for (almost) everyone’s viewing pleasure!



  1. Based on the video all it would take is a few teenage girl barrel racers.
    If that proved insufficient a bunch of calf ropers along with their lassos and pigging strings would do the trick nicely.

  2. And to expand on MrG (great moniker, by the way) also notice that they are mostly female and seem to have a uniformity of clothing? Only difference between them and Portland Antifa is no face masks and these gals seem to at least know what a brush and soap and water are for.

  3. Gauchos, as I understand it, are as expert with their whips as US cowboys traditionally are with their lassos. All this needs is a laugh track.

  4. A reminder of why cavalry were ( and mounted police are ) so effective ( as long as the opposition don't have firearms)

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