Verily, the mind doth boggle

Found on Gab this morning:

A bicycle . . . and a guitar . . . and a gun . . . in the shower.  Would someone please explain their mutually supporting presence to me?  Is this part of the millennial generation that I’ve somehow missed?  Is this the “new clean”?  Or is it, perhaps, social media showering?

Verily, the mind doth boggle!



  1. I prefer to play a banjo while bouncing on a pogo stick in the shower. I do keep a flintlock pistol and cutlass handy just in case though.

  2. Extreme right side of the picture – xmas tree.

    The guy had a hell of a haul and wanted to send a picture postcard to all his contributors(peeps?).

    That would explain the toaster oven as well.

  3. We must further deduce that he has taken a cycle ride in the woods. Clearly the weather was wet, the track was muddy and there were dangerous animals although it was not bad enough to prevent him stopping for a tune on the guitar. Nevertheless bicycle, guitar and gun returned covered in mud so were taken into the shower. We may additionally infer that he lives in a climate typical of the Mediterranean, with warm, wet winters.

    You see, it all makes perfect sense!

  4. "Picture is not related" used to be a meme. I'm guessing this guy wanted to involve the most random stuff he owned in a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot picture for the luls.

    If that's not the case, I've got nothin'.

  5. If this were the cover on a 99ยข ebook, I'd spend the buck!

    How about a caption contest for the book's title?

    I'd go with "Space Raptor: Manila Vengeance".

  6. Some people just think that artistry and being eccentrically abstract are the same thing.
    Hence, all these mindless and meaningless absurdities being passed off as expressions of "creativity".

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