Vote rigging explodes into public view

James O’Keefe has done all of us a public service with his videos revealing the extent to which the Democratic Party relies on vote rigging to elect its members.  They’re all over the Internet now, but in case you missed them, here they are.  The second video is perhaps more important than the first.

Both are extremely important to anyone valuing American democracy and our republican way of life (not to mention the values embodied in our Constitution). Essential viewing, IMHO.  I think Mr. O’Keefe’s promised follow-up videos at the Project Veritas Action channel on YouTube will be worth watching, too.

Of course, this should come as no surprise;  but many elements in the mainstream media have conspired to cover up or dismiss the issue for years.  One of the most telling exposés came from the Pew Center on the States in 2012.

More than 24 million voter-registration records in the United States— about one in eight — are inaccurate, out-of-date or duplicates. Nearly 2.8 million people are registered in two or more states, and perhaps 1.8 million registered voters are dead.

Those estimates, from a report published today by the non-partisan Pew Center on the States, portray a largely paper-based system that is outmoded, expensive and error-prone.

“We have a ramshackle registration system in the U.S. It’s a mess. It’s expensive. There isn’t central control over the process,” said Lawrence Norden of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University.

. . .

The 1993 National Voter Registration Act, known as the “motor voter” law, made it easier for people to register to vote by, for example, allowing them to register when they get a state driver’s license.

That same law also made it more difficult to remove someone from the voting rolls. Unless officials have a death certificate or written confirmation from the voter that they’ve moved, a voter must miss two presidential elections — that’s eight years — before they can be removed.

The problem is particularly bad in swing states, where parties, campaigns and others canvass the state registering voters, even if they’re already registered, and often collecting inaccurate information, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said. “Everybody’s registering you here,” he said. “We don’t really have control of that.”

There’s more at the link.

Many (particularly Democratic Party officials and supporters) insist that just because voter rolls contain inaccuracies, that’s not in itself evidence of voter fraud.  They’re correct, of course;  but those inaccuracies make it easier for voter fraud to occur, and the wealth of information coming out of this year’s election campaign suggests that it is, indeed, occurring.  Consider just these few recent articles:

The real question is whether the ‘margin of cheat’ will be sufficient to affect the results of this year’s elections.  Historically, that does appear to have happened from time to time (for example, it’s widely believed to have been behind the election of John F. Kennedy as President in 1960).  Will it happen this year?  Given Mr. O’Keefe’s damning video evidence, I won’t be surprised if it does.  As I posted yesterday, there’s evidence that it’s already occurring.

What, if anything, will the American people do about it?  I guess that remains to be seen.  I think there are enough people who are very unhappy with the present system that it may lead to a groundswell of very active resentment . . . but no-one can say for sure right now.



  1. What will the American people do? A "a groundswell of very active resentment"? In other words, absolutely nothing.

    The ruling class benefits from this, so they have no incentive to fix it and all the incentive in the world to wave their hands and behave like it doesn't happen or doesn't matter. It's a like telling the misbehaving kid to do something. Unless you're standing there watching with the means of punishment in hand, nothing happens.

  2. I have been reading on this since 96. It's an interesting subject. The best resource is the wayback machine on blackboxvoting, don't remember if org or com. Shows all the way, voters have been duped to the wrong sides of issues in all the years that followed. It doesn't matter the party in control, if the machines, are corrupted. Even the simple Chad doesn't compare to untraceable voting records. But, every system is secure? Right.

  3. what i do is continue to write useless letters to our congressmen.
    what else can i do?
    who are the ones doing the dirty work locally?
    we'll never know and they aren't telling on each other.
    so, back to letter writing.
    since the federal law enforcement are corrupt there will be no clean investigations and there will be cover ups ad infinitum.
    the cancer is so widespread that the patient, the USA, is on his deathbed.
    only God can raise the dead.

  4. A "a groundswell of very active resentment"? In other words, absolutely nothing……..Unless you're standing there watching with the means of punishment in hand, nothing happens.

    Oh, I think "something" will happen, and it won't be "nothing."

    If Hilary wins – a distinct possibility even without Democrats cheating – quite a few folks will ascribe the win to cheating, especially if it's a close win. Whether or not it actually is cheating is something that will take time, perhaps months, maybe even years, to uncover, during which time there will be no shortage of conspiratorial musing to thoroughly muddy the waters.

    That "something" I mentioned above? If Mr. and Ms. Average Citizen develop a rock solid belief that no election can be trusted because cheating is so widespread and effective, then they will seek other means of selecting the leadership whom they believe will look out for their interests.

  5. There will probably be more "Phillies" this year. Last time they had something like a 99% turnout and not one vote for Romney. Anyone that thinks fraud was not involved is smoking some real strong stuff.

  6. > There isn't central control over the process

    And there *can't* be. Voting regulations are among the powers left to the states. Which, despite the Civil War and increased Federal control, are still independent polities, with their own Constitutions, laws, armed forces, legislatures, and heads of state.

    Not only are election laws threaded all through my State's Constitution, the power to manage registration and run the polls is held by the 75 counties, not by the state government. Any legislative attempt by the state legislature to usurp that power would be political suicide.

    The state government has enacted *some* regulations concerning elections, most famously a requirement for photo ID at the polls, which was struck down last year by a Federal court as "racist."

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