Voter fraud is real

For those who doubt that voter fraud is a problem in the USA, a lawsuit in Georgia has highlighted many issues that give cause for serious concern.

It appeared, according to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, that Habersham County’s Mud Creek precinct in northeastern Georgia had 276 registered voters ahead of the state’s primary elections in May.

Some 670 ballots were cast, according to the Georgia secretary of state’s office, indicating a 243 percent turnout.

But on Tuesday at 10 a.m., the number of registered voters on the secretary of state’s website was changed for Mud Creek to 3,704 registered voters, reflecting a more likely turnout of about 18 percent.

The odd turnout figures last Friday were filed as part of a federal lawsuit against the state by election security activists that included a number of sworn statements and exhibits from activists and voters who experienced a series of bizarre and confusing issues at the state’s polling places.

That confusion comes amid swelling public concern for the security of Georgia’s voting systems. Georgia is one of four states that uses voting machines statewide that produce no paper record for voters to verify, making them difficult to audit, experts say.

And cybersecurity experts have warned that there were security flaws on the state election website leading up to the 2016 contest that permitted the download and manipulation of voter information.

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Marilyn Marks, the executive director of the Coalition for Good Governance, which has led the charge against the state’s management of the election system, said the statements filed in federal court are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to voter complaints.

“We are submitting only a small sample from scores of known system malfunctions and irregularities,” she wrote in an email. “But those examples should raise alarms with officials, political parties, candidates and voters. Something is terribly wrong at a systemic level, and is not being taken seriously by Secretary Kemp, or the state and counties’ election boards charged with conducting secure elections.”

There’s more at the link.

This is a very important subject.  I think too many American voters have become complacent about our electoral system, and have lost sight of how it’s been misused and manipulated for a very long time.  If you’d like to know more, I recommend these three books.  The last one is right-wing in orientation, rather than neutral like the first two, but the details it provides of actual electoral mistakes, errors and malpractice are nevertheless valuable.  (Click each image for a link to the book.)

I expect more problems than ever in this year’s mid-term elections.  The stakes are very high, for both sides of the political spectrum.



  1. We are experiencing a revolution in the US, where Communists are attempting to overthrow the government and get rid of our free market system. They will do this by any means necessary: deception, fraud, or force.

    I also think it is a losing battle. There is no one in the nation who has the power or the will to stop them. Once their policies are in place, the nation will be bankrupted by the cost of their giveaways, and the entire system will fall.

    Even if the revolution is not successful, our profligate spending will still bankrupt the nation, and the entire system will fall, that is mathematically certain. We cannot continue to run trillion dollar deficits indefinitely.

  2. Refer to the mid-90's Clinton led "Secretary of State Project" . The goal was to get Dems elected as the Secretary of every State. You k ow, the sole person who certifies all vote counts. Their first major success was So Franken and his "recount until we win" strategy.

  3. If you do just a bit of study of the history behind our alleged-"Fair, Free And Equal" electoral systems and institutions – particularly at the State, County and local/municipal levels, but also at the national level(s) – you will soon conclude that there has virtually ALWAYS been quite a bit of elections fraud and deception, just about everywhere and at all levels, throughout U.S. history.

    Example: Back in the '40s and '50s (and, to a certain extent, well-into the '60s), in my original home-area of Northern Kentucky, there were relatively-very-few registered voters in any Party other than the Democrats – so few, in fact, that most of the time, in municipal and county elections, the Republicans' local/county organizations did not bother to stage any primary elections; there was no need, as all they generally had to do was to hold (relatively-small-attendance) local "caucuses", and settle who their candidates would be…the Democrats, OTOH, always held primaries. This did not, however, mean that No. Ky. was massively Democrat-dominated – merely that many actual R-voters would register as D's…so that they could then vote in the primaries – thus "splitting the vote", and – in effect – voting in favor of the candidate(s) they would then vote against in the main election later…thereby practicing a very mild form of vote/voter fraud…

    The present-day vote-fraud and electoral deception and theft, however, is far, FAR more dangerous and corrosive – it's blatantly focused upon and aimed at doing everything possible to steal election "wins" for the Democraps, using "Any Means Necessary (And/Or Possible)", in order to steal-back control of the House and/or the Senate – the Liberals/Leftists/"Progressives" are deeply-intent upon taking back what they consider to be "rightfully theirs", in pursuit of then putting whatever they need into place to actually dictate how the vast bulk of us will be "allowed" to live…During the Years Of The Obamination, they made great strides towards achieving that sort of future for America – until they ran up against Donald J. Trump, it looked very much like they were going to succeed. Had Clinton won, it would've been all over but the crying and bleeding, in all likelihood…

    These mid-terms are, indeed, quite critical.

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