Voter fraud? What voter fraud? – THIS voter fraud!

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that massive voter fraud is a real and serious problem in these United States.  Some states are worse than others (cough*California*cough), but all states appear to be affected to at least some extent.  Fortunately, Texas, where I live, appears to be tackling the problem with real energy, as this report demonstrates.

There’s more in this written report.

There seems to be a pattern of manipulation, too, depending on the party in power.  This problem isn’t just Democrat or Republican – it’s pervasive across our democracy.  Based on what I’ve been reading and researching, it appears that most voter fraud based on individual votes is conducted by Democrat supporters.  Republican supporters, on the other hand, “game the system” by gerrymandering electoral districts – not that Democrats don’t do the same thing, but Republicans appear to do so more enthusiastically and more systematically.

Folks, electoral fraud is flat-out unacceptable, no matter who’s doing it or in whose favor it works out.  We all suffer its consequences.  I urge everyone who cares about our democracy to find ways to fight it, whether by simply keeping our eyes open, or volunteering as poll workers, or supporting efforts to monitor elections by various organizations.  This is too important to leave to chance.



  1. No, Republicans do not gerrymander worse than Democrats. It's just that no one listens when Republicans bitch about it, while Democrats whine like the entitled little brats whenever a district's borders need to be redrawn because of actual population changes.

    Just look at Florida. Ex-representative Corrine Brown's district was drawn by democrats in such a way that very few if any non-blacks were included. This is a district that goes from Jacksonville almost all the way down to Orlando. In some places, it is literally 1 block wide, and twists around a family's group of houses in a small berg (I know because I know the family…)

    So, don't go yanking Repub's chains. They usually are either wanting to make sensible districts or are retaliating for years and years of being screwed by Democrats.

    At least the Repubs are finally starting to fight back, finally.

  2. Agree with Beans. Same thing with GOP sex scandals, vs dem.

    And a side effect, right or wrong, of the voting rights interpretation, is more racial concentrations in districts , so you get ultra left safe districts in urban areas.

  3. Ever since the 2016 election people who voted for Her Shrillness, Granny Maojackets von Pantsuit have been telling me "She won the popular vote!!". I always ask them, "Given the known problems with vote fraud in California alone, what makes you thinks so?"

    They tend to go away mumbling.

  4. As mentioned on the Voting Rights interpretation, judges have decided that districts MUST be gerrymandered to get more Blacks elected.

    Without racial gerrymandered districts, there would be even fewer Black or minority Representatives.

    That's the kind of PR loss which is needed to go to a non-racist society, but as long as "racism" is accepted when it's anti-white racism, we won't be getting rid of anti-black racism either.

    Districts should be developed by criteria which are fed into competing "Districting" computer models to optimize the districts, first, according to numerical criteria. With million dollar prizes in each state for the first program with the best score that fulfills all criteria. And perhaps then change the criteria a bit to "fix" the districts.

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